Southwest Active – July. 12

No video today, but Helen a great aerobic power test. If you do RX on pullups try to keep them quick and fast – don’t hesitate or waste a lot of time there. This ones all about how fast do you want your pace to be on the run, Kbs and pullups.

Good job to everyone this week.


Thursday – Deadlift E2MOM + Run/Row/Bike MAP
A. Deadlift @ 11×1, 5 reps every 2 min x 3 sets – last set challenging, building from last week
B. Warm-Up/Prep
C. Helen – 3 rounds for time:
400m Run
21 KBS @ 16/24kg
12 Pull-Ups
*i did this test back in 2013 and cried – I believe I got 7:59 and was a much skinnier version of myself #gazellestatus
*test – record your time, scaling, KB used, etc

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