Values as Coaches

Sara and I sit down regularly and discuss all things about our business, clientele and ways we can improve as coaches and things we can do to help our current clients.

We talked recently and brought up the question about our values as coaches and business owners. We both played a little “game” – we both agreed to shoutout the number #1 value we both beleived was true to our heart as coaches. 3,2,1 GO…We both shouted out RELATIONSHIPS.

We both laughed at each other and smiled from ear to ear as we loved that we were thinking the same thing.

We believe the relationship with our clients is something that is hands down the most important aspect of coaching. We believe its imporant to make sure our clientele trust us, believe in us and know we are wanting whats in the best interest for them!!

We genuinely care about each and everyone of you guys! Constantly trying to evolve as coaches, be good role models and help you guys reach your goals!!!

We believe Southwest Strength is what it is today because of the relationships we have formed. It has created a very fun and loving community at Southwest Strength!!!

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