What is SWS?





At Southwest Strength we train people with fitness, health and body composition goals. We offer group fitness classes, individualized programming/coaching, private one on one, and semi-private group coaching.

We are a strength and conditioning service that offer appropriate programs for all levels, from the beginner starting their fitness journey to the experienced athlete looking to increase their performance in their specific sport, we can help you reach your goals!

At Southwest Strength, we would like to think our coaches educate clients about fitness being a life long journey. We want to create a unique experience for our clients. We emphasize good movement patterns, quality coaching, proper programming and assessment, and a positive environment to workout in. You will notice when you step in the doors the lack of “machines”. At Southwest Strength, the movements you perform are functional. We teach people how to put their bodies through full ranges of motion. This type of training helps achieve and seek overall health, body composition/weight loss, mobility, function of everyday life and can help athletes perform at their true potential.

At Southwest Strength, community is everything. If it is your first time walking in the doors, our members and coaches will be sure to shake your hand, or if you just accomplished your first pull up, we will be celebrating with you. We will also push each other to new limits and challenge one another. We want people to enjoy their experience every time they come to SWS. Not only will you work towards your fitness goals, but you will be apart of a unique community. At Southwest Strength everyone is apart of the team.

We understand people want to look good and feel good. Through consistent efforts in the gym and your nutrition, this can happen. At Southwest Strength we can help you, but were not going to sugar coat anything, there is no “21 day fix” or get “6 pack abs in 6 weeks”. We are to going to tell you the truth, its going to take TIME & CONSISTENCY. We feel that with our training methods, experience, quality coaching and the community Southwest Strength has to offer, the journey is going to be well worth the time and effort!

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