SW Active – June. 2

Tuesday – Press Int + Upper EMOM + 6/9 Mixed
A. Press @ 11×1, 6-6-6, 2 min – increasing if you can or tough all across
B. EMOM x 10 minutes
1st – 1-10 kipping HSPU or Negative HSPU/HS Hold/Pike HSPU or Pike Shoulder Tap
2nd – 1-10 Kipping Pullups/Negative Pullup/Banded/Ring Row
C. Mixed/6/9
6 min @ 85-90%
4 DB Facing Burpee
6 DB Power Snatch @ 35/50
8 Wall Balls @ 15/20 to 9/10ft
– 4 min Recovery
9 min @ 85-90%
4 Power Clean to OH @ 85/135lbs
16 Step-Ups on to 20/24” Box
24 DU/24 Single Unders

Meet Daniel Mcculloch

Mar. 1/2020 and May. 31/2020

Picture Dec. 2019

Hi everyone! I’m a band and choir director in a small school district in northwest Ohio. I live a very busy schedule and with that schedule I’ve always had a tendency to put others before myself and neglect myself far too much. Eventually I hit a tipping point in December and finally decided to make a change.

I began with fitness programs that I have used before with beachbody etc, but I had a friend named Jody who recommended that I contact my current trainer, Nathan Corrigal, for quite some time. Nathan has helped break me into the world of crossfit and has completely changed my mindset on a lot of things.

He has taught me that I am infinitely stronger than I think I am, and that has transferred over to my mentality and how I approach every day life. I am worth it. By taking care of myself I am able to do so much more for others…but most importantly I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. I’ve lost 50 pounds overall since I started in December, and 31 of them have been since I started with Nathan on March 1.

To Nathan, Sara, Jody, and the entire sws community, thank you so much for being so supportive. This is only the beginning. I have a long way to go. Keep moving, you are worth it!

SW Active – June. 1

Wk 1/4 – SW Active Post Covid-19 Closure
Monday – Sn Vol + Cj Vol + Bsq Ecc + SL/Core
A. Squat Snatch, 1 rep x 10 sets, 1-1:30 min b/t – 5 sets @ ez/mod, 5 sets @ tougher (if you have been lifting reguarly)
B. Squat Clean & Split Jerk, 1 rep x 10 sets, 1-1:30 min b/t – 5 sets @ ez/mod, 5 sets @ tougher (if you have been lifting regularly)
C. Back Squat, @ 40×1, 6-6-6, 3 min – if haven’t been squatting, ease in for first few sets, you will be squatting weekly
D1. Goblet Rear Elevated Split Squat @ 40×0, 6-8 reps/leg x 3 sets, 30 sec b/t legs
D2. Hollow Arch Swings, 5-10 unbroken x 3 sets, 2 min – the point of this is to get your hands used to kipping on the bar again, if you haven’t been kipping. We will be EASING into this every week
– focus on pulling with the Lats

Our Re-Opening Plan. June. 1


*Please* watch the video’s after reading below:

(Contact Nathan and Sara for alternative equipment drop-off times)

Hey everyone! Here is our re-opening procedures we have put in place starting June. 1 If any one of you do not feel comfortable returning to classes please let me know and I will figure out an alternative that keeps you working out. Look forward to seeing you. Please take the time to look over our procedures as well as our video’s explaining the new class times, procedures and expectations. There is also a separate video (included in the main video) on EQUIPMENT drop off times and expectations.


  1. If you have any symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, please refrain from coming into the building for a group class or a scheduled personal training session. Please contact your coach to reschedule if you have an existing appointment. 
  2. We will ask that you wash or sanitize your hands when entering the building. 
  3. We will be promoting physical distancing wherever possible. 
  4. We have marked out 10ftx10ft squares for members to utilize for their scheduled class time. Please respect these workout sections to the best of your ability. 
  5. We will continue to utilize thorough and proper cleaning and sanitizing methods for all surfaces throughout our facility. 
  6. We ask that you enter our building no more than 5 min before your scheduled class to minimize overlap of clients. 
  7. We ask that only members with a scheduled class time or scheduled personal training session enter the building. 
  8. Please only bring necessary clothing/equipment into the gym, (personal water bottle, runners) and please leave excess gym bags, coats and other personal belongings in your vehicle. We will not be permitting use of our water refilling station or lockers at this time. 
  9. All equipment will be wiped down by said individual once done their training session, and then go through an additional sanitizing process by the coach after class. 
  10. Please come to class already changed and ready to work out if possible. 

Re-opening plan video (Nathan and Sara): *WATCH*


Equipment drop off information: *WATCH*




Southwest Active (Central Park Edition) – May. 25

A1. Seated DB z press @11×1, 5 reps x 3 sets, 30 sec

A2. Bent over DB rows @40×1, 8-10 reps x 3 sets, 30 sec

A3. Anti-rotational front bridge, AMSAP x 3 sets, 2 min

B. Relay Style, 2 Teams
50ft increments
Broad jumps down to pylon
5 air squats
Walking lunges back
Bear crawl down & sprint back, then next teammate goes
*teams will go 2 rounds through each


rest as needed

15 min AMRAP same teams
*1 person works per min, switch every min
20 jumping jacks
20 jumping switch lunges
20 burpees
20 mountain climbers
20 air squats

Individualized Coaching

Meet Your Coaches

Nathan Corrigal

(Work with Nathan? Here)


Sara Corrigal

(Work with Sara? Here)


Joey Simms

(Work with Joey? Here)


Kim Radcliffe

(Work with Kim? Here)


Rienna Skelton

(Work with Rienna? Here)


Individual coaching includes:

  1. Initial Consult/Assessment: a look into your current physical abilities, lifestyle, nutrition and overall goals.
  2. Individualized Programming:  Weekly program, no templates. Focus on YOU and your needs (schedule, lifestyle, ability, etc).
  3. Lifestyle/Nutrition Guidance: coaches will provide advice on nutrition and lifestyle.
  4. Coaching/Support: Recurring check ins, daily workout review, video review, focus on relationships. 



Amy Louttit, 5 years and 5 lb’s down?


Yesterday, Mar. 16/2020 marked a big day in Southwest Strengths small history. We had a client reach the 1,000 class mark. 1,000 SW Active classes since the fall of 2015 (thats not including the pre-mind body days in the garage).

It still blows me away that we have got to this point in our community. Texting Amy yesterday telling her we were proud of her for doing the 1,000 classes, but we were even more proud being able to called her friend.

You see, the reason we started this crazy fitness business in the first place was to HELP people, REAL people. Amy Louttit’s accomplishments and commitment to our community is exactly the reason. We don’t care about what you can’t do, we care about what you can do today, so we can make you better for tomorrow.

The relationships we have developed with Amy and her family have been to the level of family. Her daughter baby sits our son, feeds our cats when we are gone, Chris builds things at Southwest Strength for us and is always quick to offer a hand, Amy’s son Zack keeps buying me books to read (lol). This happened because of the relationships we have built in the building of Southwest Strength.

Now for a pretty cool transformation. Amy Louttit has attended 1,000 classes. She has changed her lifestyle, her outlook on exercise from “exercising” to burn calories to becoming fitter.  Our Southwest Active class is a fitness class that includes weight training (squatting, deadlifting, pressing), gymnastics/upper body work (body weight, DB work, etc) and a ton of aerobic work (mixed/cyclical, etc).

Amy has put in a ton of work over the 5 years. While I wont sit here and name all of her current abilities and progress. I will show you the difference between 5 lb’s down and 5 years of hard work. The picture below is the reason we talk about the scale vs body composition. NOT pictured here is the difference between how much more confident and comfortable Amy is in her body and with herself. Fitness and our community has brought a new way of looking at her lifestyle and she is fully invested to it.



Quote from Amy yesterday:

“Today marked a big accomplishment for me, 1000 classes at SWS. During this time period, I have learned a lot about myself. I have had highs and lows, but the confidence that I was able to gain in the gym spilled both into my personal and work life enabling me to push myself to do things that a few years ago I would not have tried. Thank you to my husband @clouttit  and all the coaches at @southwest_strength for helping with this achievement. @sara.e.corrigal @ncorrigal_sws @joey_simms_sws  and coach Kim as well as my SWS gym family. The comparison picture is Sept 12/15 (a month before the doors of SWS current location opened) and today. There is only a difference of approx 5 lbs, sometimes the scale doesn’t tell you everything. Thank you SWS and I can’t wait to see what the next 1000 classes bring.”

Amy and family. We are forever grateful for the commitment you have shown us over the years. We always take your goals and coaching you very seriously.

We also know there a ton of other wonderful Southwest Strength “5 Year” Stories that have happened. We are super proud of being able to create that sense of community at our gym, something that feels like HOME for so many. Sara and I are proud to call each and everyone of you our friends.

During this crazy time in 2020, we figured it would be good to read a lot of positives. We hope you guys share this to the world so they can read just how awesome Amy and our community is.

SW Active – Mar. 17

Tuesday – Upper/Gym/Skill Sets + MWG Forward/Reverse Chipper
A. Prep/Warm-Up
B. For Time:
25 Wall Balls @ 15/20lbs to 9/10ft
25 KBS @ 16/24kg
50 Single Unders
500m Rowing
50 Single Unders
25 KBS @ 16/24kg
25 Wall Balls @ 15/20lbs to 9/10ft
50 Single Unders
500m Ski Erg
50 Single Unders
25 KBS @ 16/24kg
25 Wall Balls @ 15/20lbs to 9/10ft
50 Single Unders
.8 mile AirBike
50 Single Unders
25 KBS @ 16/24kg
25 Wall Balls @ 15/20lbs to 9/10ft

SW Active – Mar. 16

Wk 4/4 – Mar. 16
Monday – Cj Singles + Bsq % + SL Based Work + Upper Int
A. Squat clean & Split Jerk, 1 rep x 6 sets, rest as needed – sets start @ 80% and building if feeling good
B. Back Squat, 2 reps @ 90-95% x 4 sets, rest as needed – if legs feel strong, toss on some for a heavy single
C. 10 min AMRAP Step-ups on 20/24” Box – TEST – alternate legs – stand up tall – refer back to score Wk of Nov. 10/2018
D. Pendlay Rows, 5 tough reps every 45 sec x 10 sets