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Sara Harmon

Coach/owner at Southwest Strength. Sara brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry. Sara thrived through her high school years as a track athlete, as well as excelling in multiple sports, including hockey at a AAA, provincial and University level, and also fastball at a provincial level. She received a scholarship to Minot State University for throwing Javelin. In the past 3 years, Sara has taken up competing in crossfit. She enjoys helping others meet their fitness and health goals, and helping others achieve things they never thought they could.


Opex CCP  Life Coaching Level 1

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Emergency Medical Responder

Corporate Fitness


Nathan Corrigal

Coach/owner at Southwest Strength has been involved in athletics his whole life. He grew up playing hockey and volleyball. After high school he attended Brandon University, receiving his Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Education.

He has been involved in the sport of volleyball for 15 years. He currently coaches the varsity volleyball team at Melita School. He has taken a strong passion in pursuing his fitness goals the last 5 years. He has competed in crossfit the last 3 years and enjoys the daily mental and physical grind involved with trying to improve his overall fitness. He loves the feeling of accomplishing something he never thought he could have. The constant strive for improvement keeps him motivated.

Nathan believes that through consistent training, effort, proper assessment, program design and a positive community, goals can be achieved. He also believes fitness is a journey, and whether you are just a beginner or a 60 year old grandparent, fitness can add many qualities to your life.


Opex CCP Level 1: Assessment & Program Design 2015/2016

Bachelor of Physical Education

Bachelor of Education

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Volleyball Level 2 Technical

NCCP Multi-Sport Theory Level 1 & 2

Intro to Competition Weightlifting Level 1

Hockey Trained Coach 2

Badminton Trained Regional Coach

Rienna Skelton

Rienna is currently a competitive weightlifter. She has competed at the junior national and western regional senior championship level. She has a passion for helping people, specifically weightlifting. She is currently seeking education in weightlifting and will be taking her level 1 NCCP very soon. Not only is Rienna a strong athlete, but has a very good “eye” for technical faults in the snatch and clean and jerk! She will be running our weightlifting program very soon.

Coach Kim has been working super hard the last 6 months and is very excited to help people in their fitness journey!

Kim is going to be an amazing coach! Kim brings a super upbeat, encouraging and positive attitude to her clients and the community at Southwest Strength.
She will meet each client where they currently are in their journey and provide insight to how she can help them move forward towards their goals!

She is now accepting new clients! Message her on how you can get started today!

Kim’s email :

Kim’s Phone Number: 1-204-522-0844

Joey is a vibrant young coach excited to be working with Southwest Strength.

From Brandon, Joey has experience competing in crossfit, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, triathlon, long distance running, and obstacle course racing. Joey loves working with clients and encouraging them to be stronger, work harder, and smile bigger every day in the gym.

Joey brings a youthful energy to our group, and enjoys getting to know everyone in the gym and greater community.

Joey’s email :

Joey’s Phone Number: +1 (204) 761-9331

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