Personal Training

Southwest Strength offers two personal training options.

Private one on one includes:

  1. Initial Assessment: a look into your current physical abilities, lifestyle, nutrition and overall goals.
  2. Individual Programming: each workout session will be catered to your own individual needs. The assessment will provide your coach with important information on your physical needs and abilities.
  3. Lifestyle/Nutrition Guidance: coaches will provide advice on nutrition and lifestyle.
  4. Support/coaching: Southwest Strength coaches provide the attention to detail needed for individuals to succeed. Encouragement and motivation from the coach will be provided during workout sessions.

Semi-private group training:

This service will be with a group of clients (4 people max). The service will ensure good attention/coaching to each individual involved. The programming will also be catered to the needs of the group, with individual coaching provided.

Team Training

Looking to bring in your volleyball team or hockey team for some off-season or in-season training? At Southwest Strength we can provide team training workouts for up to 10-15 people. Contact us for more information.


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