Individualized Coaching

Getting Started

Consultation & Assessment 

Program Design & Training

Check In & Ongoing Support

In Summary, Individual coaching includes:

    1. Initial Consult/Assessment: a look into your current physical abilities, lifestyle, nutrition and overall goals.
    2. Individualized Programming:  Weekly program, no templates. Focus on YOU and your needs (schedule, lifestyle, ability, etc).
    3. Lifestyle/Nutrition Guidance: coaches will provide advice on nutrition and lifestyle.
    4. Coaching/Support: Recurring check ins, daily workout review, video review, focus on relationships. 


Client Testimonials


Daniel Mcculloch

“Nathan has taught me that I am infinitely stronger than I think I am, and that has transferred over to my mentality and how I approach every day life. I am worth it. By taking care of myself I am able to do so much more for others…but most importantly I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. I’ve lost 50 pounds overall since I started in December, and 31 of them have been since I started with Nathan on March 1.”

Carson Parago

“I’d say its near impossible to be a part of a community that you can’t be a part of in person. Near, but not impossible. Being a remote client for SWS has taught me many, many things. Self-discipline, how to communicate long distance and that to be a part of something, you don’t have to physically be there.

I have never been so motivated, or dedicated to something in my entire life. After many conversations with Coach Joey, we continue to set plans. Nutritionally and training-wise. Where that inevitably takes us? Who knows, but because of the attention to detail, the focus on individuals needs and somehow making remote clients feel a part of something bigger, I wouldn’t have the opportunities I do now.”

Rienna Skelton 

“In 2019, I qualified for the IWF Junior World Championships in Suva, Fiji. Nathan seemed more excited than I was. Even though he had just had a baby boy, he organized his life so that he could take the time to come to Fiji with me, even though he couldn’t even coach me there. His care about me and the sport I love is indescribable.”


Roxanne Gauthier

“I’ve been working with Nathan for almost a year and a half, initially reaching out to him to help improve my gymnastics skills. I assumed I was signing up just to get personalized programming, but what I get is WAY more than that… I got a coach. Nathan cares a lot and puts a lot of time & thought into my training. He checks in frequently to see how I’m doing, to recognize progress, to see how I’m recovering from training sessions and most importantly, to make sure I’m still having FUN!

I can’t say enough great things about Nathan. I am so thankful I contacted him and I cannot wait to see what happens in the years to come!”

Meet Your Coaches

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