SW Active & SW BB – May. 10

Thursday – Increasing effort MAP Sets + Upper CP Int

A. 10 sets @ increasing effort per set:

15 cal Rowing

9 Cal AirBike/9 Cal Ski Erg

3 Sand Bag Cleans Over Shoulder – pick appropriate loading that can be moved quickly when tired – not heavy when fresh

2 min b/t sets

*1st set ez

*every set faster

*last set full Diane Woodworth

B. Weighted Pullups on Rings/Bar, 2 tough reps every 30 sec x 5 minutes

B. Strict Pullups, 1-5 reps every 30 sec x 5 minutes

B. Inverted Rows on Heels, 3-5 tough reps every 30 sec x 5 minutes


Thursday – Cj Int (low) + SnB/SB EMOM + Jerk or Pull Work EMOM

A. Clean and Jerk, 1 rep x 8 sets, 2 min – building throughout, no fails

B. EMOM x 10 minutes:

1st – 3 BTN Snatch Grip Push Press + 3 Snatch Balance

2nd – 2-3 Quick Sandbag Clean Over Shoulder

C. Clean Pull, 5 reps x 3 sets, 2 min – start @ 75+% and build per set

D. Tall Jerks, 3 reps every min x 5 minutes

Southwest Active – Wednesday – May.9

Wednesday – Sn Tech/Sn Mod + Cj Tech/Cj Mod + SL work + Press/Strongman Work
A. EMOM x 10 minutes:
1st – 3 Snatch Balance – increasing per set is the goal if the movement is perfect
2nd – 3-5 Sandbag Cleans over shoulder
B. Split Jerk, 2 reps every min x 10 minutes – start light, finish heavier as technique looks good
C1. Press @ 11×1, 3-3-3-3, 1:30 min
C2. Rope Climb to 12ft, 2-3 reps x 4 sets, 1:30 min – *Scale – strict banded pullups, negatives, inverted rows
C3. DB Reverse Lunge off 45 plate Plate, 10-12 reps x 4 sets, 1:30 min

Tuesday Sw Active & SW BB – May. 8

Tuesday – EZ..EMOM..EZ

15,12,9 @ EZ

Wall Balls @ 15/20lbs to 9/10ft

Row Cals


EMOM x 30 minutes @ high effort:

1st – 30 sec Rowing

2nd – 30 sec AirBike

3rd – 30 sec Burpees

4th – 30 sec Power Cleans @ 95/135lbs

5th – 30 sec Rest


Wk 1/4 – May. 8/10
Tuesday – Sn Int (low) + Msnatch + Jerk or Pull Work EMOM
A. Squat Snatch, 1 rep x 8 sets, 2 min – building throughout – no fails
B. Muscle Snatch, 1 tough rep every 30 sec x 5 minutes
C. BTN Split Jerk EMOM x 9 minutes
3 min – 3 @ light
3 min – 2 @ moderate
3 min – 1 @ challenging
D. Snatch Pull. Above Knee Hang Snatch Pull, 2.1 every min x 5 minutes

Southwest Active – Monday – May. 7


On Friday and Saturday May. 11 and 12th – we have a videographer coming into do some shooting for a video for SWS. Sara and I are making some videos of us as coaches, as well as putting together client testimonials from you guys!! I have personally emailed a bunch of you, but I am encouraging AS MUCH Participation in our classes and individual design clients as possible Friday! – If you are coming Saturday thats great too, that will be more of a wrap up, etc.

The interview process is SUPER laid back and honestly you just have to be yourself and say anything that comes to mind. Everything will eventually be edited. The company we are using has a Drone so I have included a partner workout for active with some sled pushes and tire flips!

This brings me to my next point. Sara and I just want to thank each and everyone of you guys for being so great to us and our community at SWS! We are continuing to do what we love – helping people achieve their goals and we feel so damn grateful to be able to coach ALL OF YOU. Making a video like this just showcases how awesome SWS and everyone involved is! So thank you guys for being you!!!



Wk 4 – May. 7
Monday – Bsq Int/Varied + DODL/Speed + RDL ECC + Skills/Gym
A. Back Squat @ 33×1, work to a challenging set of 3
B. Double Overhand No Hook Grip Deadlift @ 11×1, 2 reps @ 72% every 45 sec x 10 sets – focus is speed off the floor
C. Barbell Romanian Deadlift, EMOM x 6 minutes:
3 min – 4 RDL @ 40×1
3 min – 2 RDL @ 40×1
D. 3 sets:
400m Run @ EZ
1-2 min of Skill/Gym Practice


Monica Lesy – Journey

Monica Lesy.jpeg


Prior to coming to Southwest Strength my exercise was going for a bike ride or maybe a little walk. My entire career has been sitting at a desk with little to no physical work! The last time I set foot in a gym for exercise was high school. I associated the gym with weight lifting and building muscle neither of which I thought I was interested in doing.
So thankful that someone cared enough about my health to “throw it out there” and suggest I try a Bootcamp class to see if I liked it. My hope was just to make it through the first class. Sara was so encouraging and the atmosphere was nothing like I had ever experienced before. One class in and I was hooked!
Being physically fit and healthy was everything that I was not. Over the years I had gained weight and was living a very unhealthy lifestyle. I soon realized that fitness was based on movement, not muscle. A few weeks into Bootcamp I could not believe how much better I felt!
I don’t feel that I have been going long enough to say I have made any one big physical accomplishment. Just the fact that I am there is a huge accomplishment for me. Going to that first class I felt so out of my comfort zone…going to a gym…working out with other people.
My favorite part about Southwest Strength is of course the people!! I feel like I belong to a new little family and part of a team. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive and always cheering you on. It’s a place where when you walk in everyone is happy and smiling and there to support each other. I have been especially inspired by the success stories of others and that has motivated me to continue on and keep pushing myself. Feeling that I have accomplished something at the end of class and then the high fives makes my day every time.
After finishing six weeks of Bootcamp I signed up for workouts 3x/week. I have also changed my eating habits, cutting out a lot of the between meal snacking and have lost 25 lbs. I still have a long way to go but I now know that getting fit is fun and the best part is doing it with other people.
I actually don’t have a favorite movement or least favorite yet although I am not a real fan of the air bike! I am still learning how to do proper movements and each week I feel like I am gaining on that. Some things I may never be able to master but I will always keep trying.
With the results I have experienced so far it has made it easier for me to make this journey a priority. I now have one hour, three times a week that is just for ME and all about ME. Nutrition and eating properly have always been a struggle but is now something that I really need to work on.
To anyone who is on the fence about coming and starting their fitness journey…just do it…don’t wait, you will not be disappointed. It won’t matter what your fitness level is, what size you are or even how old you are. You will be encouraged and supported every class, you will be told you can do it and you will.
I know that I have to show up and put in the work but none of this would be happening for me without a coach. Sara & Nathan are the most encouraging and supportive people you will ever find. They have provided a positive and welcoming atmosphere and have made me feel that even at my age I can still fit in!! Sara pushes us each class and makes sure that we also push ourselves a little harder each class so that we can get better. They have set up daily classes at times that should accommodate everyone’s busy schedule so there should be no excuses for not being able to find a time that works. Sara & Nathan truly care about their clients and their fitness journey and it is obvious from their own personal accomplishments that they practice what they preach. We are so lucky that we have such great role models to inspire us. Southwest Strength is not just a gym, it’s a training community, a place to go where you will be motivated to work and you will leave feeling better about yourself than you ever thought you could.
My only regret….I wish I had started sooner, but I am there now and that’s all that matters!!

Southwest Active & SW Barbell – May.3

Thursday – Increasing effort MAP Sets + Upper CP Int
A. 8 sets @ increasing effort per set:
21 Cal Rowing
100m Running
9 KBS @ 24/32kg
6 Burpees
2 min b/t sets
*1st set EZ
*every set faster
*last set full Karen Beauchamp
B. Weighted Pullups on Rings/Bar, 1 tough rep every 30 sec x 5 minutes
B. Strict Pullups, 1-5 Pullups every 30 sec x 5 minutes
C. Inverted Rows, 3 tough reps every 30 sec x 5 minutes – control ECC


Thursday – Tall Cl + Hang Cl/Cj Mod + Strongman Work
A. Above Knee Hang Squat Clean & Split Jerk, work to a single
B. Clean Pull. Below Knee Hang Power Clean. Split Jerk. BTN Split Jerk every min x 5 minutes – light/technique focus
C. 15 min AMRAP – teams of 2
21 Cal AirBike
15 Med Ball Cleans on to 40” Box

Southwest Active – Wednesday – May.2

Wednesday – Sn Tech/Sn Mod + Cj Tech/Cj Mod + SL work + Press/Strongman Work
A. EMOM x 10 minutes:
1st – 5 Snatch Balance
2nd – 3 Seated Box Jumps on to High Box
B. EMOM x 10 minutes:
1st – 1 Squat Clean + 1 Above Knee Hang Squat Clean + Split Jerk – building
2nd – 30 sec Gymnastic Movement Progression
C. Front Rack Split Squats @ 20×0, 6-8/leg x 3 sets, 1 min b/t legs
D1. Press @ 11×1, 4-4-4, 1:30 min
D2. Rope Climbs to 12ft, 2-3 reps x 3 sets, 1:30 min

Southwest Active & SW BB – Tues – May. 1

Tuesday – EZ..EMOM..EZ
21,15,9 @ EZ
Row Cals
Box Jumps – low
Russian KBS
EMOM x 21 minutes @ high effort:
1st – 5 Power Cleans – singles
2nd – 8 Lateral Barbell Burpees
3rd – 11/13 Cal Rowing
10 min @ EZ
200m Running
2 Turkish Get Ups @ easy loading


Wk 5 – May 1/3
Tuesday – Tall Sn + Hang Sn/Sn Mod + Jump/Throw
A. Drop Snatch, 1 rep every 30 sec x 5 minutes
B. Above Knee Hang Squat Snatch, work to a single – aim for about 5 tough sets here
C. Above Knee Hang Squat Snatch, 3 reps x 3 sets, 2 min – light and FAST sets
D. Depth Jump Off 20” Box to Broad Jump AFAP, 1 rep every 30 sec x 5 minutes
E. Jump Air Squats, 5 tough reps every 30 sec x 3 minutes – JUMP HIGH