Member Spotlight – Melanie Renwick



1. When did you first hear about Southwest Strength? What made you decide to come check it out and  give it a try?  I saw the announcement in the paper when SWS first opened and thought it was interesting but didn’t have much time to investigate further at the time.  I had been travelling lots for work on 2016 and was getting bored with my walking routine when I saw the ad on Facebook for a six week intro class.  I sent in the registration and got a call from Nathan right away.  We talked about my goals and why I was interested in the program.  I was concerned that I might be away for some of the classes and Nathan assured me it wasn’t a problem.  I had also heard great things about the gym from people in the community and liked the idea of small group classes plus there were lots of class times available so I could work classes in to my schedule easily.
2. After you finished with your 6 week boot camp class, what made you decide to still continue to attend our Southwest Active classes?  Honestly, I didn’t want to lose the mobility I had gained in the six weeks.  I had more energy, was sleeping better and also felt more alert at work.  It was a no brainer that this was something I should keep doing.  I also really liked getting reconnected with people in the community, it was something I missed because I work out of town all the time.  I also found (and still find) if I was sore after one workout the next days workout helped to alleviate that soreness.  There is a lot of thought that goes in to the programming and I like the variety of exercises.
3. What can you do now that you struggled with or weren’t able to do when you first came to the gym?  I think you know the answer to this, lol.  My mobility was not good from years of sitting at a desk, driving in a vehicle, working long days and studying for my degree at night.  You don’t realize how much mobility you lose over time.  I couldn’t squat well at first and especially not with any kind of weight.  Lifting even light weights over my head was a challenge too.  Sara still recalls the days I used to let go of the bar when I was trying to front or back squat as a safety to push the bar up 😄.  Sometimes when the bar is heavy I still have to remind myself not to let go of the bar!  Now I can back and front squat 100 lbs and continue building the weight up.  I can climb the rope, box jump, burpees, there isn’t anything I won’t try.  I have also been running on my treadmill on the weekends this winter.  This was something else I never thought I would do or enjoy.
4. What keeps you consitently coming back to Southwest Strength and what’s one way you stay motivated?  The coaches and community at the gym are a big part of why I keep coming back.  Plus the long term benefits of staying active.  To stay motivated the biggest thing I do is sign up for all my classes as soon as my monthly membership renews and it’s rare that I cancel out on a class once I am signed up.  I also pack my gym bag for the next day as soon as I get home, even before I eat supper.   That way I go to bed every night with the mindset that I am going to the gym the next day regardless of what comes up.  My family and co-workers are very supportive and encouraging too, which helps me not feel guilty about sometimes leaving work a bit early or getting home late.
5. What is your favourite and least favourite movement?  My favourite movement changes from time to time, this week I will say box jumps.  Least favourite is double unders because I can’t do them yet and the rope hurts when it hits me.
6. Do you have other hobbies outside of the gym? Does your training allow you to maybe do some of these things more easily now?  I am trying to get back to some hobbies but don’t have a lot of free time.  In the summer I garden a bit and do find it much easier to be bending and weeding, etc.  I also enjoy bike riding with our border collie Max running beside me, he always has such a big grin and excitement in his eyes as soon as I bring my bike out!

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