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Carolyn Arndt has been with us since January of this year. What a pleasure it has been to see this lady progress and work so hard. She has made an amazing transformation the past two years of her life (see picture), Sara and I could not be more proud of her and her accomplishments.

Carolyn is one of those members that gives you the warm fuzzie’s inside when you coach her. She is so grateful, kind and keen to learn, that it makes you FEEL so good to help to her. She always comes in with a smile, works hard, cheers everyone on and always leave’s with a sense of pride.

Carolyn define’s what Southwest Strength is all about. She was recently our member of the month. For us at Southwest Strength, it is never about what you can or can’t do, its always about finding your starting point, and guiding you in the right direction to help you improve based on your individual goals. We know people are always skeptical about walking in the door’s at Southwest Strength, but I can promise you that having a community of members just like Carolyn that are so kind, welcoming and hard working, you will not regret it.

Sara and I always have conversations with our members about their journey, goals and their first SWS experience. The conversation always end’s with “you just got to walk in the door”, you will then see what we are all about! Have a read on Carolyn, and if you see her walking around town, give her a compliment and a thank you from the coaches at Southwest Strength, for making our day to day life extra special. The room is always better when Carolyn is around!

Over the past two years you have made quite the transformation. Talk about your weight loss/fitness journey the past two years.
I was tired of how I felt and how I looked. I was heading for fifty and knew I needed some life changes so I could be active and enjoy life for many more years. Changing the eating habits was hard but I just started changing a few things and when that was routine, I changed some more, doing more real cooking which I love instead of what was quick. I got a treadmill and got on it every day even though some days I didn’t want to. I started to sleep better and the scale was showing me a steady drop. After about 3 months I could see a difference and that made me more determined.
I have to give credit to Danielle Wood here. I watched her fitness journey and she has listened to me and supported me along the way , especially when I found it hard. I vented to her a lot!! Lol!

How long have you been attending Southwest Strength? How many days a week do you attend?

I started at SWS on January 1 of this year. Diet changes and walking were not enough anymore and Danielle Wood took me to an active class in December. Loved it! I started with 2 days a week and by February it was 3 days. Now it is 3 for sure and usually 4!

What are somethings you have learned at Southwest Strength that has changed your perspective on weight loss, health and fitness?

I was very weight conscious at first knowing I was still an overweight, older person. After going to classes and working out with all ages and sizes it didn’t take long to realize that no one is judged here. We are all on our own fitness journey with a lot of support! It has become so much more the weight loss. I am so proud of how many of the movements I can do well now and how great it feels to push yourself to be able to do more. This is due to great coaches who truly want to share all they know to help you! Healthy comes in all sizes and shapes!!

Since attending Southwest Strength what are somethings you are capable of now that you could not do when you first started?

I couldn’t do a lot when I first started! I couldn’t do more than one burpee!, lunge or row very long. Now I just recently finished a 15 minute row and had energy left for prowler pushes! Also did the 2k row under 10 minutes and went on to do 50 burpee’s in just over 5 minutes, all in the same work out!!

What are some of your goals?

I still have so many! I want to do all the workouts without having to modify any! That will happen in small steps as I am able to master heavier weights and do a real push up and pull up!!! Every work out is progress!

What is your favourite “healthy food” to eat?

My favourite is broccoli with red peppers, onions and mushrooms roasted with garlic!! (I could add a chicken breast too!)

Favourite cheat meal?

I love the four cheese spinach dip at Montana’s with the fried pita chips!!!! Not really a whole meal but it could be!!!

Favourite movement/exercise?

I love kettle bell swings! Also back squats and prowler pushes!

What words of advice would you give someone that thinks they are to out of shape, to old, not strong enough or a bit scared to enter Southwest Strength? Do you have any tips for people looking to start their fitness journey?

When I first started at SWS I was so afraid each day of what the workout would be and if I could even finish it. I found I could and each time was better. If anyone doubts themselves you need to give this a try. You will find no better support anywhere than from Nathan and Sara. They never doubt you and always make sure you will do a movement correctly without hurting yourself. I can do so much more now! I am more flexible, I have more stamina and everyday chores are so much easier. I just feel so much better. I have had high blood pressure for years but for the last two months it is in the low normal range. No more medication! I have lost a total to date of 75 lbs!

*If your interested in getting started on your health and fitness journey, contact Sara or Nathan @ 1-204-647-0091

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  1. Carolynn, you are an inspiration!! All of your comments about how you felt before you started your fitness journey could have come right from my head!! You should be proud of your accomplishments and you have inspired me to start my own fitness journey!! I am a little envious that Southwest Strength is in my hometown and I am so far away!! My first challenge will be to search for a comparable place here in Airdrie and hooefully I too will be able to share some positive experiences!! You go girl!!!

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