Southwest Active – Monday – July. 11


Amazing weekend with team Southwest Strength at the Crossfit Winnipeg Barbell Classic. 

We had Carter McKinney, Braeden Cory, Jack Kirkup, Rienna Skelton and Cory Aitken from our gym compete in the sports of weightlifting  (Jack,Carter,Braeden,Rienna) and powerlifting (Cory and Jack)

All lifters hit PRs in their lifts and displayed some amazing technique, skill and competitive attitude. 

Carter McKinney placed second in men’s weightlifting (snatched 190 and CJ 250). Jack Kirkup (snatched 185 and CJ 250) narrowly edged out Braeden Cory (snatched 185 and CJ 240) for the podium to get 3rd in men’s weightlifting. 

Rienna Skelton Prd both lifts by 15lbs. 120lb snatch and 155lb CJ. She placed 4th out of 12 in a very experienced and competitive ladies weightlifting field. Of course Rienna was the youngest by about 10+ years. This is just the beginning with this girl.  

Cory Aitken back squatted 500lbs, bench pressed 265lbs and deadlifted 545lbs to get 2nd overall. Jack kirkups nickname by the end of the weekend was the 16 year old phenom as he squatted 405, benched 200 and deadlifted 455 to take 3rd overall in men’s powerlifting. The future is bright with this guy. 

Week 3 – July. 11
Monday – Low Mob + SL Int + DL emom + Fsq Varied Int
A. Barbell Reverse Lunges, 6 alternating heavy reps every min x 10 minutes
B. Clean Grip Deadlift @ 40×0, 2 reps 45 sec x 10 sets – all moderate to challenging, if it feels good – go for it
C. Front Squat @ 22×1, 3 reps every 90 sec x 8 sets -start small and build

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