Southwest Active – Wednesday – Feb. 24/2016

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Introducing Hockey Fit starting spring break. Spread the word. It will be on our regular class schedule.


Also, introducing Open Gym sunday’s from 1-3pm. This will be a free class for any of our members. It is not a class, rather a time to work on some things, or catch up on a workout you may have missed from the week.

Wednesday Upper CP Int + 30min Mod Map
A1. Bench Press @20×1, 5 reps x 5 sets, 1min
A2. Pendlay Rows @40×1, 5 heavy reps x 5 sets, 1min
B. 30min @75%/Moderate/Ez:
250m rowing
100ft walking lunges
100ft bear crawl
50 single unders
10 toes to rings

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