People in fitness, lifestyle, nutrition and health can all benefit from having a coach. A coach can be defined as, someone who “supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal”.

We have all heard it before, “I don’t need to pay someone to reach my goals”. Quite frankly since we have been coaching people,  money being spent is usually the number one issue, or people just thinking they know how to do everything on their own would be a close 2nd.

We now live in a era where information, ideas and new programs are so readily available. Sometime’s its very overwhelming to know which theory or idea is the “right” one. I am not here to tell you there is one right or wrong way. However, the importance of coaching I believe can be overlooked and misunderstood.

A coach is someone who doesn’t just provide instruction, demonstrations and assessments movements. A coach is someone who invests in their clients emotionally, mentally and truly does care about them reaching their goals. Individuals should trust their coach and know that they can go to them with any concerns, questions or issues.

I think the term coaching, goes far past just helping someone with their goals in fitness or physical abilities. This can be also used in terms of personal growth, mentorship and a way to educate individuals. A good coach not only designs appropriate programming, assesses individuals correctly, but they motivate, inspire and are mentors for their clients.

I believe coaching education, certifications and personal achievements are important. However, after you get past all the degrees and certifications that only goes so far. Ask yourself, does your coach truly care and invest in YOU. Do you get the feeling that they actually believe in your abilities (physically & mentally) more than YOU do? Do they challenge you to do things you never thought were possible? Do they clearly communicate their values and expectations? Does the coach prioritize their own experiences, Ie – education, physical/mental improvement and having a open mind when it comes to new ideas in fitness?

I strongly believe everyone should have someone they can look up to and trust. In terms of fitness coaching, having a coach that you can trust is VERY important. When we talk about longevity at Southwest Strength, we truly believe fitness should be apart of everyone’s life FOREVER. It is a way to invest in yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. If you can have a coach that keeps you down that road of constant improvement (improvements as we get older – the term does change), then you are setting yourself up for a very healthy, happy and fit life. As we get older, abilities, goals and lives do change. However, if you have a coach that can understand this, then they will set you up for success to have realistic goals and expectations. Thats why we never stress goals can be achieved in a short amount of time, fitness is a LIFE LONG journey. It is not where you are today, but where are going to be in the future. Enjoy each day as it comes!

Sara and I both just want to say thank you for the support the past 5 months. We are constantly trying to improve, and are constantly blown away by everyone’s efforts and changes people are making. We could not be more PROUD.

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