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Danielle started training with us a once or twice a week starting in September. When we opened our new facility, she immediately signed up for an unlimited membership (5-6 days a week). The pictures above clearly show how much work Danielle has put in, and we couldn’t be more proud. This is REAL LIFE results. The answer? Pretty simple, hard work, eating real food and being consistent with her lifestyle and training. We have had some conversations about nutrition, and I simply told her to increase her protein and see how she felt. Eating quality and appropriate quantities of real food is exactly what we encourage, as it is the healthiest, most sustainable way to be leaner, stronger and happier with your body image. The key thing about her results, is that the number on the scale has NOT changed! She now comes into the gym and focuses on her performances (she just recently back squatted 195lbs – up 50lbs since we started) and not worry about the scale as much. She has clearly lost body fat and gained muscle. Her progress with her body composition and her training is inspiring. Great work Danielle!

(Pic on left 5 months ago/Pic on right February 14/2016)

1) How long have you been attending Southwest Strength, and what are some your fitness goals!?

I have been attending Southwest Strength for a total of 5 months, nearly 4 of those months on the unlimited membership. My fitness goals are ever changing, but something I am currently looking to improve is my upper body strength. A pull-up would be fantastic! Some goals I had set back in October are/were: a push-up, a pull-up, 175lb back squat, 250lb deadlift and a rope climb!

2) Have you met any of those goals!? What changes have you made physically!?

I am finally able to do a full ‘man’ push-up, something I have never been able to do! I have also recently surpassed my 175lb back squat goal. It feels incredible to finally cross those goals off the list! Physically I have noticed significant fat loss and muscle gain, and an amazing improvement in my mobility. Going into this with a previous knee injury I was quite skeptical that lifting weights would actually help the pain I was experiencing. It is amazing now to have almost full range of motion, stability and I am almost 100% pain free in my bad knee! I have never felt better!

3) You have been attending our group class 5 days/week for about 4 months, what keeps you so motivated!?

The amazing people I have met since I started at Southwest Strength is a huge factor in keeping me motivated. I love seeing people give it everything they have during a workout and leave with a smile on their face, it really inspires me to do the same. The constant changes and improvements in my own body makes it that much more motivating as well. Pushing myself and doing things I never thought possible, and feeling proud is so rewarding.

4) Your favourite part about Southwest Strength!?

My favourite part of Southwest Strength is the amount of support and encouragement you receive from the coaches and the members. I love walking in with a warm welcome, cheering on the tail end of the previous class, and leaving feeling accomplished (and of course with a high five!). I enjoy the positive atmosphere and the sense of family. It’s my favourite part of the day!

5) Least favourite movement!?

Hmmm, tough one! I know a couple months ago I would definitely say a burpee or turkish get up, but I am coming to terms with these movements as I get stronger! I’d say where I’m at right now wall walks terrify me and I would love to be able to do one and face my fear of being upside down!

6) What changes have you made with your lifestyle in the past year to lead to such great body composition results!?

I have really been focusing on watching what I eat and being active everyday. Making sure I am eating clean foods, and eating enough food! For about the last 6-8 weeks I have been religiously tracking and weighing my food with great results. It is really amazing to really see what you are eating in a day, vs what you thought you were eating! With the help of the Southwest Strength coaches, I have been watching my macros and making sure I am eating enough protein daily. It is really amazing how much your body changes when you fuel it properly and stay active!

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