Southwest Active – Monday – Jan.11/2016

Week overview:

We will be testing a few important fitness tests this week. One is the 2k row, generally a good score for women would be anything sub 7:45minutes and a good score for men would be 7 minutes. We will be going over once again pacing, goals and how to attack this mentally. I hope a lot of people can attend Monday’s class to see where they are at with this. Also this week,  you will get a chance to go heavy in a few upper body lifts, and we will continue with our conditioning. This will be the last week we focus on more conditioning type training. Next cycle starting next week will be more focused towards overall strength in pulling, squatting and upper body pushing/pulling.


Monday Clean + Deadlift EMOM Map + Arm Cash Out + Mobility
A. Power Clean, 2 reps every min x 8 minutes
B. Row 2k for time
*testing/goal is here good pacing and getting best possible score/will talk about pacing and expectations
C. Weighted Pronated Pullup, work to a max
-Pronated Chinover Bar Hold AMSAP
-Chest to Ring Hold AMSAP
D. T-Spine Mobility (foam roll, lax ball)

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