Southwest Active -Saturday -Jan.9/2016


Sara cruising through chest to bar pull-ups tonight during team practice for frostfit.

On a Running Clock:

From ->0:00–>15:00:
In teams of 2 with only 1 barbell establish a 2RM Push Press & 2RM Back Squat
Score is total lbs lifted as a team – Ie- Partner 1 2RM PP =135lbs + Partner 2 2RM PP =115lbs + Partner 1- 2RM Bsq = 155 + Partner 2- 2RM Bsq = 145 total score is =550lbs

In team of 2 with only 1 barbell establish a 2RM deadlift @11×1 (no bounce). While 1 partner is lifting and building, other partner can be accumulating FLR seconds on rings.
Score is total lbs lifted + total seconds a team accumulated in FLR.
IE Partner 1 2RM Deadlift = 205lbs + Partner 2RM Deadlift =195lbs + Partner 1 accumulated 120 seconds FLR + Partner 2 accumulated 130seconds FLR – total score equals 650


As many burpees 🙂 as possible as a team
*1 partner works, 1 partner rests

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