Southwest Active – Monday- Jan.4/2016

Week 3 -Jan. 4–>Jan.8/2016
Monday Clean + Deadlift EMOM Map + Arm Cash Out + Mobility
A. Below Knee Hang Power Clean. Above Knee Hang Power Clean. Hi-Hang Power Clean. Front Squat every 1:30-2min x 8 sets
-start light and build on 3 position clean
B. EMOM x 10minutes
1st- 10 deadlifts 85lbs/115lbs
2nd- 10 wall balls @15/20 to 9/10ft
C. Rope Climb to 15ft, AMRAP in 3 minutes
-AMRAP ring rows in 3 minutes
D. T-Spine Mobility (foam roll, lax ball)

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