Southwest Active -Thursday – Dec. 31/2015

Hey guys,

Just a reminder we will be doing a draw for the free unlimited memberships for “bring” a friend month tomorrow. So stay tuned to see who wins. There will be two winners, one winner from our current membership base, and one winner from the “bring a friend”.



Thursday Fsq/Bsq emom + Mixed EMOM map + GBC + Mobility
A. Back Squat @ 20×1, 4 reps every 2min x 5 sets
-start @ challenging weight and build
-everyone starts on the same clock
B. EMOM x 10minutes
1st- 5 wall balls @15lbs/20lbs + 1 shuttle run (100ft)
2nd- 5 box jump overs 20/24″ + 1 shuttle run (100ft)
C1. Incline DB Bench Press @20×0, 10 reps x 3 sets-30sec
C2. FLR on Rings, 30-60sec x 3 sets-30sec
D. Banded Super Frog, 60sec/leg x 2 sets
E. Pigeon Stretch, 60sec/leg

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