Southwest Active -Wednesday-Dec.30/2015

Bree, Noah, Sherry, Kelsey, Mitch and Jody all demonstrating strong shoulders and core stability during their wall walks. 

Wednesday Posterior Chain + Core + Aerobic Tester + Mobility

A1. Hip Thrusts @30×0, 8-12 reps x 4 sets-1min

A2. Single Leg KB/DB RDL @20×0, 6-9 reps/leg x 4 sets-1min

B. Accumulate 2minutes weighted front bridge/front bridge

C. For time:

75 cal rowing

50 overhead plate walking lunges 25/45lbs

25 burpees onto 45lb plate

15 kbs @53lbs/70lbs (heavier than “normal”)

12 box jump overs 24/30″

9 deadlifts 205lbs/275lbs

scaled version:
For time:

50 cal rowing

30 walking lunges

18 burpees

15 kbs

12 step-ups

9 deadlifts

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