Southwest Active-Monday Dec. 21/2015

Hey guys,

So we are on to our new cycle of training. Some new things being introduced. We will be learning to do some cleans. As well, I am including post workout mobility 3+ times a week in to our program. We can ALL benefit from this work.


Monday Clean + Deadlift EMOM Map + Arm Cash Out + Mobility

A. Power Clean Intro, work sets of 2 or 3 – building up in weight/try get 10-15 good sets in
B. EMOM x 10minutes
1st- 3 deadlifts 185/125lbs + 5 burpees
2nd- 3 deadlifts 185/125lbs + 5 kbs @24/16kg
C. AMRAP unbroken strict supinated pullups x 3 sets-2min b/w
– supinated barbell or dumbbell bicep curl @20×0, 10 reps x 3 sets-2min
D. Partner Assisted Thoracic T-Spine Stretch 20-30sec x 3 sets

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