Weekends: The Secret or the Sabotage to your Success

Weekends: The Secret or the Sabotage to your Success
Weekends. Everybody loves them, but if you’re really working on your body composition goals, they can really set you back if you don’t make healthy choices.
Two weekends ago, we celebrated our wedding social. It was a busy, full weekend of eating, drinking, and late nights. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome, but I was definitely not used to it. After Sunday was over, it wasn’t as easy to get back to my normal eating routine as usual. Being tired from the weekend, full of sugar, most likely dehydrated, all I wanted to do was continue to eat bad food.But guess what, I got back on track.
The thing that helped the most was making sure I went to the gym and got my workouts in right off the bat. I also noticed the first part of the week, my training felt awful. And I knew it was due to not fueling my body properly over the weekend. You can definitely tell guys! As the week went on, it felt better and better due to the fact that I was putting better food in my body and getting enough sleep to recover. Now, imagine if this was a weekly occurrence  for me or someone else. It would be VERY hard to see progress, whether it would be performance or body composition related.
Don’t let your goals just fly out the window as soon as Friday hits guys, every once and a while is fine, maybe even healthy, but once and a while doesn’t mean every weekend. At some point, we have to be disciplined and skip the beer at supper, or the chips that are being passed around. This time of year will be even harder, now that it’s warm out and everyone is out and about, going to the lake or going to a wedding. But it doesn’t mean you have to make unhealthy choices at every single outting you go to.
Don’t undo all the progress you’ve made during the week!! It may be hard at the time, but you will feel 100x better about a healthy choice later on!
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