Nutrition and Consistent Training – Krista Corrigal





Nutrition is the number #1 most important aspect of health and fitness. Especially when it comes to weight loss and performance. Here is an example of Krista Corrigal’s food log – typical day. ( see pics) – she currently weighs 137lbs and trains 5x/week. She focuses on aerobic training, gymnastics/upper body and weightlifting. She currently eats 45grams of fat, 130g carbs and 135g Protein – 1430 calories. She has the assigned numbers and hits them accurately every day!!!
When you take a look at the pictures, you will immediately notice she is EATING ALOT of FOOD. All really good quality foods. These foods ensure she is intaking the proper amount of protein to ensure muscle recovery and carbohydrates to ensure proper fueling for her tough workouts and energy for her day to day life during work, etc.
Its important that you notice the amount of food she is eating and understand that she is still currently leaning out, feeling better and looking amazing! To many people UNDER FEED themselves, by thinking low calories = weight loss, this is a HUGE mistake and a common misconception that ultimately leads to potentially losing weight in the short term and either plateauing or gaining back the weight.
It is also important to NOTE, this is not a DIET, rather a lifestyle. This is very sustainable and Krista has numerously stated how EASY this structure of eating is in her day to day life.
This commitment and structure will set her up for long term success in health and her progress in her fitness training.
The pic shows 3-4 weeks of consistently following her macros and training 5-6x/week on my remote coaching program. This is about 3-5lbs lost from left to right.


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