Southwest Active – March. 8


Wednesday – Skills/Core + Tester
15 minute to practice:
Teddy Bear Handstand, Kipping Pullups/Toes to Bar, HSPU, Handstands, DU’s, Single Arm OHS, TGU, Hang to Inverted from Rings, Rope Climbs, etc
For Time:
50ft Bear Crawl
25 Push-Ups
25 KBS @ 16/24kg
50ft Bear Crawl
25 DB Hang Power Cleans @ 35/50lbs
25 DB Front Squats @ 35/50lbs
50ft Bear Crawl
Extra Conditioning: (optional)
10 min AirBike/Row @ 85% – try and stay consistent – see if you can hold the same pace as your first minute – so think about that pacing in terms of effort – this shouldn’t be “death”, but rather challenging mentally – yes your legs will burn’

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