Southwest Active & SW Barbell – Feb. 21

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Little throwback to Dani in the garage 2015. She said she was in the best shape of her life during this time. She then had her new baby boy Sullivan, fast forward almost 9-10 months after giving birth and I think she can probably say that again….(she’s a bad ass).

Hope everyone had a great long weekend and you are excited to get back to the grind this week. Focus stays the same. How about lets all get strict pull-ups, dips, push-ups and have a party ok? Cool.

Another note, I have added Weightlifting programming to SW barbell Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you have ever been interested in learning some weightlifting movements, to challenge yourself in a new skill set – DON’T hesitate to contact me. 7pm Tues/Thursday 🙂

Tuesday – Upper EMOM + Partner Mixed Map
EMOM x 20 minutes:
1st – 1) 3-5 Weighted Pronated Pullups 2) 3 Weighted Negatives ASAP 3)Chinover Bar Hold AMSAP, 4) 6-8 Supinated Grip Ring Rows @ 40×1
2nd – 1) 20 sec Ring Push-Ups 2) Hand-Release Push-Ups 3) Push-Ups 4) Scaled Push-Ups
3rd – 5 tough Pendlay Rows @ 40×1
4th – 6 tough DB Push Press @ 11×1
5 rounds for time: – teams of 2
10 DB Step-Overs @ 20/35lbs/arm
15 DB Shoulder to Overhead @ 20/35lbs
20 Cal Rowing

Tuesday – Sn Mod Complex + Cj Mod Complex + Jerk Balance/Tech
A. Power Snatch. Above Knee Hang Squat Snatch. Snatch Balance 1.1.3 – work to a tough set – aim for about 5-6 good sets
B. Squat Clean. Above Knee Hang Squat. Split Jerk 1.1.2 – work to a tough set – aim for about 5-6 good sets
C. Jerk Balance, 5 reps x 3-5 sets,1:30 min – moderate sets – technique based

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