Southwest Active – Wednesday -July. 27/2016

Pictured above is our Holiday Monday hours. This Sunday we have canceled open gym. Sara and I are going to be at the lake for the first time this summer (sara made me jk)
Wednesday – Deadlift/Upper/Core + Mixed Map SetsA. EMOM x 16 minutes

1st – Deadlift @ 11×1, 3-4 reps – increasing in loading

2nd – 1 Heavy Turkish Get Up/Arm – working up

3rd – 30 sec L Side Bridge

4th – 30 sec R Side Bridge

B. 4 sets @ high effort/85-90%:

15 Cal Rowing

200m Run

50 Single Unders/30 Double Unders

Rest Same As Work/ Or work 1:1 with a partner

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