Knowing your WHY?

At Southwest Strength, we like to dig a little “deeper” than just “exercising” and “working” out. We personally like to understand the reason people are wanting to start their fitness journey in the first place. Understanding your purpose and your “WHY” is actually a difficult question for some people.

Asking the question, what is your why? This can lead to multiple different answers, “I want to be fit”, “I want to be strong”, or “I want to challenge myself daily”, “Fitness adds a quality to my life, nothing else can”, ” I want to feel better during my daily tasks”. Those are all good reasons behind starting your fitness journey.

At Southwest Strength, we truly believe if people have a deeper understanding of themselves, their goals and their true purpose of the WHY behind their training, it makes the ride much more enjoyable and meaningful. This can lead to a much more full filling success in and out of the gym. Rather than focusing on what I can’t do, i’ll focus on what I can do. Ie- “I can’t do a pull up yet, but I am getting better at front squatting”.

Sara and I just recently had this conversation about training, fitness and the gym. The conversation eventually narrowed down to this, if we didn’t have our daily fitness challenges/training, our clients to coach/help, our lives would be missing something. We talked about how after we complete our training for the day, how the rest of our day is that much “easier”. Don’t get me wrong, there are days we do not feel like training, but going back to our “WHY” is usually all the motivation needed to keep going.

We want all of our clients to understand the reasoning they have signed up to participate in this awesome thing called fitness. Next time your at SWS, don’t hesitate to put your WHY on the goal board. Like we said, fitness is a journey and at Southwest Strength we want it to be much DEEPER than just a “workout”.

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