The Importance of Consistency

Sara and I have been coaching individuals for almost a year out of our garage. We just recently both had the conversation about consistency and its importance.

We feel this is the most important part to a person’s progress. Consistency has truly allowed our clients to see amazing results. If you are a client and have consistently been coming for 2-3 months, you most likely have seen some sort of results. Whether that is in your body composition/weight, or in your physical ability- IE getting stronger.

We all have busy lives and getting to the gym at times can be difficult. We also all have 24 hours in the day. I guarantee you we can all be better at managing our time and managing our priorities in our life. Now, if your goal is to workout twice a week and you say it is a priority, but you miss one workout at our facility, I think it’s safe to say we automatically have the “choice” to either try make it up later in the week, or make up your own workout at home. If you can commit to consistently making fitness a priority in your life, good things will happen.

The magic lies in how consistent you are in your habits. How often do you exercise? How often do you prepare healthy meals? How often do you eat donuts, ice cream, chips and drink soda? If you answer those questions honestly and feel guilty, you know your not consistently working towards your goals.

It really comes down to a few things. 1) Educate yourself and surround yourself with like-minded people all trying to work towards something greater. 2) You just have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself, “how bad do you want to see results?” Consistently working towards something will only get you closer to your goals.

So the next time you sit back and think, “man it would be nice not to exercise today?” Ask yourself, “How bad do you want it?”

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