Personal Training/Assessment


• Private one on one training =$45.00/hour

• Semi-private classes (2-4 clients) = $75.00/hour

• Consultation/Assessment = $45.00/hour

*To ensure our clients receive the best results/coaching, there will be a one-time fitness assessment/consult. This will occur when a new member comes to our facility and requests individualized programming or personal training. During this time we have the opportunity to assess the client through physical testing, also get to know the client and understand what their “why” is behind starting their fitness journey. The first one will be free with sign up.

Individual programming will be granted to individuals capable of all movements, warm-up protocols, self-motivation and experience, this will be determined through the assessment. Depending on the experience of the person, they may be required to attend the group classes or if they prefer, one on one,  to learn more about the movements before going on their own.

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