Southwest Active-Wednesday-Jan. 6/2016

Wednesday Posterior Chain + Core +Aerobic Tester + MobilityA1. Death March, 25ft x 4 sets-1min

A2. Ring Hamstring Curls @20×0, 5-7 reps x 4 sets-1min

B. Deadbug 1min on/1min off x 3 sets

C. For time:

750m row buy in


3 rounds of:

15 kbs @35lbs/53lbs

15 wall balls 15/20lbs


30 burpees to 6″ oh cash out 

Southwest Active – Tuesday- Jan.5/2016


-Dani Woods displaying impressive positioning/mobility during her front squats

Tuesday Upper EMOM
EMOM x 10minutes
1st- 3 heavy push press
2nd- Rope hang/pullup bar hang 10-20seconds
EMOM x 10minutes
1st- 3 heavy push jerk
2nd- 30sec FLR on rings/ Front Bridge
EMOM x 10minutes
1st- Strict Press. Push Press. Push Jerk 1.2.3 -heavy as possible
2nd- L arm front rack kb carry 50ft + R arm front rack kb carry 50ft

*five way shoulder mobility

Southwest Active – Monday- Jan.4/2016

Week 3 -Jan. 4–>Jan.8/2016
Monday Clean + Deadlift EMOM Map + Arm Cash Out + Mobility
A. Below Knee Hang Power Clean. Above Knee Hang Power Clean. Hi-Hang Power Clean. Front Squat every 1:30-2min x 8 sets
-start light and build on 3 position clean
B. EMOM x 10minutes
1st- 10 deadlifts 85lbs/115lbs
2nd- 10 wall balls @15/20 to 9/10ft
C. Rope Climb to 15ft, AMRAP in 3 minutes
-AMRAP ring rows in 3 minutes
D. T-Spine Mobility (foam roll, lax ball)

Southwest Active – Saturday-Jan.2/2016

Saturday Group/Team Workouts

On a running clock:
0:00 –>12:00
For time:
Row/AD Cals
Shoulder to Overhead 55lbs/75lbs
rest until 12 minutes
-establish a heavy back squat 3RM
From -20:00-25:00
Rest/get in groups of 2/strategy
From -25:00–>until time in groups of 2 complete the following:
5 rounds for time:
12 ring rows
12 wall balls @15/20lbs
6 L arm hang kb snatch 25/45
6 R arm hang kb snatch 25/45

Southwest Active-Friday. Jan 1/2016


Skyla rocking our new shirt. 

Friday Clean + 10-15min map 

A. Power Clean Cluster 1.1.1 every 90sec x 8 sets

B. 15 min @85-90%:

9 kbs @35/53

100ft L arm farmers carry 35/53

9 goblet squat 35/53

100ft R arm farmers carry 35/53

9 burpees

100ft goblet carry 35/53

Southwest Active -Thursday – Dec. 31/2015

Hey guys,

Just a reminder we will be doing a draw for the free unlimited memberships for “bring” a friend month tomorrow. So stay tuned to see who wins. There will be two winners, one winner from our current membership base, and one winner from the “bring a friend”.



Thursday Fsq/Bsq emom + Mixed EMOM map + GBC + Mobility
A. Back Squat @ 20×1, 4 reps every 2min x 5 sets
-start @ challenging weight and build
-everyone starts on the same clock
B. EMOM x 10minutes
1st- 5 wall balls @15lbs/20lbs + 1 shuttle run (100ft)
2nd- 5 box jump overs 20/24″ + 1 shuttle run (100ft)
C1. Incline DB Bench Press @20×0, 10 reps x 3 sets-30sec
C2. FLR on Rings, 30-60sec x 3 sets-30sec
D. Banded Super Frog, 60sec/leg x 2 sets
E. Pigeon Stretch, 60sec/leg

Southwest Active -Wednesday-Dec.30/2015

Bree, Noah, Sherry, Kelsey, Mitch and Jody all demonstrating strong shoulders and core stability during their wall walks. 

Wednesday Posterior Chain + Core + Aerobic Tester + Mobility

A1. Hip Thrusts @30×0, 8-12 reps x 4 sets-1min

A2. Single Leg KB/DB RDL @20×0, 6-9 reps/leg x 4 sets-1min

B. Accumulate 2minutes weighted front bridge/front bridge

C. For time:

75 cal rowing

50 overhead plate walking lunges 25/45lbs

25 burpees onto 45lb plate

15 kbs @53lbs/70lbs (heavier than “normal”)

12 box jump overs 24/30″

9 deadlifts 205lbs/275lbs

scaled version:
For time:

50 cal rowing

30 walking lunges

18 burpees

15 kbs

12 step-ups

9 deadlifts

Southwest Active – Tuesday – Dec. 29/2015

Tuesday Upper EMOM
EMOM x 10minutes
Mins 1–>5: 1 wall walk + 10second pause forehead to wall
Mins 6–>10: 2 tgu/arm @15lbs/25lbs
EMOM x 10minutes
1st- 6 CGBP @ high load
2nd- 100ft goblet carry 16kg/24kg
EMOM x 10minutes
1st-(1st) 3-4 ring dips or (2nd) 4-6 ring pushups or (3rd) 6-8 db bench press
2nd- (1st) supinated chest to bar hold 10-20seconds or (2nd) supinated chin over bar hold 10-20seconds or (3rd) chest/chin to bar hold in inverted row position 10-20seconds
5 way shoulder mob

Southwest Active -Monday-Dec.28/2015

Week 2 Dec. 28–>Jan.2/2016Monday Clean + Deadlift EMOM Map + Arm Cash Out + Mobility

A. Power Clean. Below Knee Hang Power Clean. Front Squat 1.1.1 every 90sec x 8 sets

-build to starting weight, then build every 90s

B. EMOM x 10minutes

Mins 1–>5: 5 deadlifts @95lbs/135lbs + 5 lateral barbell burpees

Mins 6–>10: 3 deadlifts @95lbs/135lbs + 3 bar facing burpees + 3 deadlifts @95lbs/135lbs

C. AMRAP unbroken Wide Grip Pronated Strict Pullup @30×1 x 3 sets-2-3min b/w

-follow tempo for sets to count


Ring Assisted Pullup, 10-15 reps x 3 sets-rest 2-3min b/w

-create resistance harder/easier by using legs/more arms

D. Overhead Distraction, 30-60sec/arm x 2 sets

Southwest Active-Saturday-Dec.26/2015

AMRAP in 30minutes:
Groups of 2: 1 person works/1 person rest- must “tag” before partner switch everytime: 5 burpee penalty if no “tag”
100ft partner carry (or 100ft heavy farmers carry)
25ft plate push 45lbs
100ft bear crawl
25ft plate push 45lbs
100ft walking lunges
25 cal rowing/25 cal airdyne/75 single unders