Judy Wells – Testimonial

Judy Wells on the left

A few months into Remote Coaching

Judy has taken charge of her exercise routine the last two months and is seeing all he benefits to what an active lifestyle has to offer. Listed below are some of the noticeable improvements she is already seeing!

Notice all the improvements are improving her quality of life! This is one of Judy’s goals!!

Good job Judy!


• Walking was improved very soon after starting. I was really favoring my left knee which was affecting my right hip. For the most part it is less painful as well.

• Posture is improved – I notice sitting up straighter without even trying – it is just happening.

• Weightbearing is much improved – I believe this will be a slow process because of knees, but there is already a marked difference.

• Able to stand for longer periods without pain. I used to get a numbness in my right thigh – haven’t had that happen for ages.

• Less worry about walking in icy conditions – legs feel stronger and less worry about falling.

• Can carry items and walk with greater ease – really notice at the Post Office. If I have a package come in the mail I used to dread having to carry it out to the car and manage the stairs at the Post Office with it as well.

• Getting in and out of vehicle much easier. Still problems getting in passenger side but somewhat easier too.

• Can squat now – haven’t done that in quite a few years. Instead of bending from the hips to pick up things I try to squat first.

• Can feel upper body strength improving.

• When weightbearing on one leg at a time can really feel weight going down into the floor – before it just felt like there was no strength and lots of pain


• Biggest challenge is still stairs – suspect that won’t change a great deal until knee replacement, but I know it will still improve.

• Getting down on floor still not easy but better.

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