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How long have you been training? Of all the years you been training, how long have you been a mom?

My old mom memory is failing me a bit but I believe I started training with Nathan and Sara in 2014 starting at the school. Previous to that I was doing my own workouts at home. It was intimidating to start something new as it is for most people but I did it with friends and it was the start of something so great in my life. I have been a mom for just over 4 year now, I trained through both of my pregnancies and was back pretty quickly postpartum.

How was your training during pregnancy? How was it coming back into training postpartum?

When I first started my fitness journey one of my goals was to be healthier before I had children and to have better habits in place. I was very much a cardio queen and could keep moving at a consistent pace for long periods of time. I did some lifting but would not have considered myself very strong. Before I had Sullivan, I was not able to do a pullup. Training was a part of my everyday routine so when I did get pregnant I found I felt better and had less sickness and aches when I did workout so it kept me motivated. I made sure to talk to my OBGYN about continuing my training and check to see if there were any limitations I needed to be aware of. I was encouraged to keep up the routine and to listen to my body. Training did change as the pregnancy progressed and my belly grew. There was constant communication with my coaches so modifications were available for any training that we were doing. At the time I was participating in group classes and not on an individual training. My postpartum experiences were different with my two children. I ended up having a cesarean with my first. Recovery was definitely longer and posed some challenges but with coaching we are able to ease into things with modifications. I stayed with group classes after I had recovered. I was able to fit them into my schedule with maternity leave. I saw significant improvements with my body composition throughout my training on my maternity leave. I was eating a lot because I was breastfeeding and I realized my body was well, amazing after having grown a baby and then recovering and coming back better than I had before. I had found a little grace and forgiveness and appreciation and it made a world of difference. I was able to do pullups; back squat more than I ever had and was getting into Olympic lifting. I was wearing the same clothes I had previous to having Sullivan but was definitely more fit and muscular. Fast track going to back to work and realizing that I had to reprioritize I changed from 5 days of training to 3 and I would go to the morning classes so I had the evenings to be present with Sullivan. Nothing changed through the second pregnancy, I continued with morning classes and made modifications as needed as it progressed. I was able to train until I was 36-37 weeks. Makenzie was born naturally so I was able to return to training within 5 weeks postpartum. The second go around I knew my boundaries better and was able to tell Nathan and Sara from the get go that I was going to need an individualized approach. I switched to two days of training at home and one at the gym. I purchased a bike and some weights and have added kettlebells as well. I also have a pullup bar in my garage. That first workout back is deadly, but you do it and you recover

and then you do it again and before you know it you are recovering faster and you are feeling more confident and you are trusting your body again. I was able to get back to my pre-baby training quicker than I did with Sullivan because the circumstances were different and I was able to just enjoy it I think. I had put no pressure on myself I was just glad to have some time for me.

What are some of your goals, and how do you stay motivated?

I would say my overall goal is health, and to be an example for my children. I have been very aware to not talk about my weight so much or how I look, but more radiate how I feel and the respect I have for my body. More specifically I was really excited to get into some more Olympic lifting, I have improved my snatch a lot and am stronger than I have ever been. We are working on volume for handstand pushups and toes to bar and hoping to get a bar muscle up again soon. I have a good balance of training time, family time and soon to be work time. I do think the amount of time I have been doing this has been a great helper in keeping me motivated. I know it makes me feel better, there is not a time I can think back on over the last 7 plus years that I have regretted a workout. Training has also been a huge support for my mental health. It is time for me, no one can do it for me, and it is not for anyone else. When I take care of myself, I am better able to be present and helpful to others. “What is in the cup is for me, what overflows is for everyone else.” I cannot stress enough that taking time for yourself is not selfish, but is necessary. I’ve learned to prioritize, delegate and ask for help. Ill rewrite that last one so you can see it again, ask for help. Everyone hates the starting over portion, so don’t let it go completely just set boundaries and say this is what I can do and commit to it. I am motivated internally because I appreciate what my body can and will do for me, I am motived to stay fit and healthy for my kids and seeing others excel and succeed motivates me greatly as well. I am not in it to beat anyone, I am trying to show up and do better for myself every day. I am proud to look back and see that I have improved over time and not stayed the same or wish that I had started sooner.

How many times a week do you train? How do you take time for yourself every week?

I am currently training 3 days a week. My time is prioritized to be with my kids the most, especially when I am back to work. I like to get my training done in the AM so the evenings are free to be with them. Mornings can be nutty, but I try to prepare the night before the best I can and hope the kids cooperate. The mornings are the time I can also guarantee my other half can be a participant in helping with the kids usually his evenings are full and I have adjusted to make training work for our house. My kids are still sleeping when I am gone in the morning and I think it’s a great opportunity for them to get some dad time if they wake before I am home. We are all deserving of taking time for ourselves and training is how I choose to spend mine.

What types of things do you do in your training and what do you love about it?

There are a multitude of things that I do in my training, including strength and condition, Olympic lifting and gymnastics. The best part of the training is that I don’t have to plan it. I

think I am capable but I do not have the time. Again, it’s about delegating to people that have the skillset so you can just show up and do the work. Nathans programming has shown me nothing but results. I do the work, but he knows how to get the best out of me and what is going to work to get me to a goal, or just some improvement.

What would you say to a new mom?

If you are wanting to take time for yourself, make sure you are putting in the time and thought you would in anything you would do for your children, you are just as deserving. Try to set up a fool proof routine, and be ok when things don’t go to plan because they will every once and awhile but know that one thing isn’t going to ruin all the work you have been putting in. Be honest with yourself and do it out of self -love and not out of disdain for the body that created the beautiful humans that you brought into this world. They are watching you and it is a great thing for them to see you taking care of you. There are tons of moms that have grown children that I have talked to that wish they had taken time for themselves and are so encouraging and supportive of it. Listen to them and talk to them when you are feeling discouraged. Mindset is everything, listen to some podcast, audiobooks, meditate and surround yourself with people that have your back and provide you with a no judgment zone. There is no perfect way to be, you just have to keep on trying.

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