Week Review from July. 8 (testing week) + New Training Cycle Southwest Active – July. 15



New Training Cycle!/Week Review

So last weeks testing with the Push-Up Test Mon, Tuesday – Mixed AMRAP test, Cindy on Wed and Run/Row/Ski on Thursday was probably some of the most impressive results I have seen since we opened our gym. The cool part about doing these tests this week with some of our long members is that they have been there from the beginning. So the evolution of their fitness, and even the testing in SW Active has evolved. After seeing the results last week of peoples of fitness just made me proud to see everyone do so well.

As a whole, we had more people than not RX Push-Up testing + Cindy on Mon/Wednesday!! That right there shows everyones hard work with the program, all that upper body work over the last 2-3 years is paying off!!

The aerobic/endurance test on thursday was probably my favourite. I was hesitant, as I wasnt sure if attendance would be high for this (calling out all you cherry pickers 🙂 ) to get a good grasp on where we are at with this type of testing. However, I think alot of you guys surprised yourself, and definitely went outside your comfort zone.

This type of test – Run 2,000m, Row 2,000m and Ski 2,000m is something you guys have all IMPROVED on so much. The thing with this type of testing/training is the “progress” is always so evident or doesn’t hit you right in the face. A lot of this type of testing, training is mental for some, as the results are skewed because they just went through the motions. However, from what I saw, is that all the pacing work, breathing work, aerobic work we have done, you guys are at a very high fitness level. For some, who would have said I would be doing a long distance test for 30+ minutes at a high heart rate!!?!?

Shoutout to someone like Marcie Greenley, “I have never ran 2,000m in my life, but all I can do is try and see where I end up”. 45 min time cap on Thursday, Marcie finishes in 44:24. One of my all time favourite moments to date. This is what its all about here guys, pushing past those mental blocks, and like Marcie said “all I can do is try”.

She text me later saying this…”Thanks for believing I could do it tonight!  I surprised myself. Never in a million years thought I would finish. Let alone run the 2000 m.”


Here is our priorities for our group for the next 4 weeks- SW Active

Mondays – Sn work + Upper/Gym Work + Body Building

Tuesday – Mixed Aerobic Power Intervals

Wednesday – Cj work + Mixed Aerobic AMRAP

Thursday – Lower Absolute Work (Bsq, DL, Lunge, Carry)

Friday – Long slow distance – aerobic volume/breathing/pacing (running, rowing, core, etc)


Wk 1/4 – Build/8
Monday – Sn Complex + Upper EMOM + Upper Ecc
A. Snatch Pull. Above Knee Hang Squat Snatch 1.1 – work through 10 sets of complex/building
B. EMOM x 20 minutes
5 min: 2-5 Strict Pronated Pullups (or Bar Muscle Up practice)
5 min: 2-5 Strict HSPU
5 min: 1-2 Rope Climbs to 12ft
5 min: AMRAP unbroken Ring Pushups
C1. Seated Filly Press @ 41×1, 5-6 reps per arm x 5 sets, 1 min b/t arms
C2. One Arm DB Row @ 40×0, 6 tough reps per arm x 5 sets, 1 min b/t arms

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