Ivy Turner – Awesome Week of Health and Fitness

Just had to share some highlights of a really great week I’m having. So hard to believe that over 8 months have passed since I walked through the door at SWS for the first time…and I love that door even more now and look forward to it every single time, without fear or doubt. 

Has it been an easy road? Well, because I have learned to leave my negatives at the door, “ no, can’t, won’t…” are replaced with more positive thoughts such as, “you got this, keep going, heck yah!” We all have challenges along the way, physical and emotional, but I have found the best place to be during those times is with my SWS family. Another thing I’ve learned at SWS is to have patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can’t take a vintage over weight body and transform it over night 😆.  Some of my best inspiration comes from watching classmates and other members achieve new levels and being able to give encouragement either at the gym or on the SWS Facebook page. 

It blows my mind how diverse SWS is in meeting the individual needs of such a wide array of people. From children to the elderly; athletes and those just looking to be more fit. All the Coaches at SWS are special people and so caring…Nathan, Sara, Kim, Rienna…thank you!! The recent addition of a Nutritional Coach, Roxanne, couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally as my nutrition was a challenge. 

So back to the highlights of my week:

Monday – monthly 1:1 with Nathan. Did a progressive improving time challenge on the 3 machines for 5 sets. When I got to last set, last machine, my mind was going to “I can’t….” so I closed my eyes, listened to Nathan saying, “keep going, you got this!”, did some silent swearing and gave those air bike handles some mighty shoves to help carry my legs until I heard “you did it!”. High five. And I must always remember to not be chewing gum during a 1:1 with Nathan cuz it always comes flying out of my mouth lol 😝.

Tuesday- Fit for Life with Kim. Had a great challenge set with Sandra as my partner. We killed it and it challenged me to do better with my bar hangs. I have gone from zero on those, 6 months ago, to over 30 seconds twice this week! (And added some knee lifts to them at 1:1 Monday). I told Sandra my first week in Fit for Life that I wanted to get as good as her at lunges as she does them so smoothly. And our whole class would love to be able to hold a bridge as long as Carolyn… she is a power house. Everyone in our class is really good at something! 

Thursday- Fit for Life with Nathan (we miss you Sara! Nathan is doing a great job too and he’s not so afraid of this dynamic group anymore 🤣). Our warm up was so cool- the rowing machine 100m contest for five sets. Thinking we may have to do burpees for our points over…. made sure I won the contest lol. (There were no burpees…but I got bragging rights this time 😉). The aerobics challenge was followed by an awesome discussion at our Chicken Chef coffee session about our achievements at SWS!

Saturday: Home work from Nathan (I saved it from yesterday as had yard work to do on a beautiful day). Just letting my breakfast digest before I go downstairs to my home gym area (I reward myself with small additions to my gym every couple of months, i.e., rubber floor mat, dumb bells, step box). Love, love, love the flexibility of having a home work session each week. Nathan has also worked with me when I travel on vacation to have work outs on the go! I usually throw my step box and 15 lb DBs in the car in case there is no gym at hotels. The rest of my weekend is being spent preparing for starting in the new Nutrition Program with Coach Roxanne on Monday. Welcome!!! I am learning about using My Fitness Pal app and interfacing with Seismic, etc. – not too bad for a tech challenged Baby Boomer. So excited to get my commitment to nutrition in line with my exercise efforts. 

Whew. Not every week is this jam packed but it has me on a fitness high! Enjoy the “ not winter” weather this Easter Weekend my SWS family!

Ivy Turner

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