Southwest Active – Mar. 7

Thursday – Upper/Core + Lower/Core + Row,Ski or AirBike MAP
2-4 Weighted Pronated Pullups – tough – scale with negatives, assisted pullups, etc
3-5 Weighted Ring Dips – tough – scale with Ring Pushups, Push-Ups as needed
6 Double Hang KB Clean to Push Press – tough as possible
x 3 Rounds @ Skill Pace
6 DB Rear Elevated Split Squats/leg
Left Arm Up 100ft Mixed Carry – Left Arm KB Front Rack Carry + Right Arm Farmer Carry – heavy
Right Arm Up 100ft Mixed Carry – Right Arm KB Front Rack Carry + Left Arm Farmer Carry – heavy
x 3 Rounds @ Skill Pace
C. Row or Ski
5 sets:
500m Row or Ski @ 85-90%
2 min b/t sets
5 sets:
22/25/30/35/40 – pick one and stick to it
2 min b/t sets
*building off of your weekly progression
* the point is depending on the individuals ability – 20-30 cals for the female is a good goal for 2 min of work and 30-40 cals is the goal for men for 2 minute of work

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