SW Active – Mar. 5

Tuesday – Bsq Int Sets/Jump + SL/Core + Row, Ski or AirBIke MAP
A. Back Squat, 7-5-3, 2-3 min b/t heavy sets
B. Seated Box Jump on to High Box, 1 rep every 20 sec x 5 minutes
50ft DB Walking Lunges – heavy as possible per hand
30 sec KB Prone Drags

15 heavy Russian KBS – *can any girl swing the 32kg?? – focus on glutes and core squeezed
x 3 Rounds
D. Row or Ski
8 sets:
300m Row or Ski @ 85-90%
Rest 1 min b/t sets
8 sets:
12/15/18/20 cals @ 85-90% – pick a set calories and stick to it
Rest 1 min b/t sets
* the point is depending on the individuals ability – 12-15 cals for the female is a good goal for 1 min of work and 15-20 cals is the goal for men for 1 minute of work

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