Southwest Active – Jan. 21


Team Manitoba looking proud! What a great weekend in Montreal.

Week of fun fitness as well!. If you have been working hard consistently in our classes you are going to like some of the training coming up. Wednesday we are re-visting an old test!

Why do we test our fitness? For some it may seem obvious for measurable improvement. I also love to re-test old workouts from the past because it gives me a little “tingly” feeling in the stomach, makes me a bit nervous and excited. That “feeling” means you care about doing well, you care about your progress.

When we test our fitness, remember sometimes the progress isn’t going to be easy, or even happen. We can ALWAYS control our effort on any given single day and our attitude towards it. If our attitude is negative, we shy away from pushing ourselves and don’t have actually do our best, that to me isn’t doing you ANY good.

Hope to see you all pushing hard this week.


Wk 4/4 – Jan. 21
Monday – Sn Int/Varied + Cj Int/Varied + CF AMRAP
A. Overhead Squat, work to a single – aim for quality good sets and good position deep under the bar
B. Split Jerk, work to a single – aim for good foot work and technique, lots of reps if you are new to movement
C. Warm-up/Prep
D. 9,15,21,27 For Time:
DB Power Snatch @ 35/50lbs
DB Facing Burpees

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