Southwest Active – Wednesday – Dec. 12

Wednesday – Upper Int/Varied + SL Int + Core EMOM

A. Weighted Strict Pronated Pullups @ 20×1, 3-4 reps every 1:30-2 min x 5 sets or Pronated Negatives, or Ring Rows or Rope Body Rows – make these tough

B1. Close Grip Bench Press @ 20×1, work to a tough set of 3

B2. Kipping Toes to Bar, Kipping Pullups, Hollow Arch, Kipping Toes to Rings, Bar Muscle Up, Ring Muscle Practice in b/t bench sets

C. Barbell Reverse Lunges – 10 tough REPS every 2 min x 5 sets – make em ass melting

D. For Time

Accumulate 5 minutes Front Bridge

*every break 50ft Bear Crawl

*12 min time cap

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