Southwest Active – Nov. 19

Wk 1/4 – Nov. 19
Monday – Sn EMOM + LSD Gym
A. 1 Halting Snatch Deadlift + 1 Snatch High Pull + 1 Above Knee Hang Squat Snatch x 10 sets, 1-2 min b/t
B. Warm-Up/Prep movements
C. 20-30 min Rowing or AirBike @ 75%
Every 2-3 min get off and perform Upper Pulling Movement (Hang from Bar, Chinover Bar, Negative, Strict Pull-Up, Kipping Pull-Up, BMU, RMU Rope Climb, Feet Elevated Ring Rows)
Every 2-3 min get off and perform Core/Hold – (30 sec FLR on Rings, 30 sec Handstand Hold, 30 sec Double DB OH Hold, L-Sit Progression – bent, hollow, straight, etc)
*Also keep the RPM and Rowing pace consistent for the duration of workout. Also minimize the transitions

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