6 Week Challenge versus Lifelong Change


6-Week Challenge versus Lifelong change


2018 is wrapping up and 2019 is getting closer. In other words, BOOTCAMP season is here to rally the short-term fitness and diet enthusiasts far and wide!


30-day or 6-week fitness and diet challenges can be tempting. They make you feel like you’re committing to something valuable and manageable, as the short time frame of just 4 to 6 weeks seems less overwhelming than committing to something for one year, let alone for life. And they seem like a way to bring quick success in your life.


For the record, this doesn’t mean short term challenges aren’t valuable ever. They can be valuable to kick start you into something larger, but there needs to be a plan AFTER the 6 weeks are up! We find they’re also valuable when you are already on a fitness and diet journey, as a way to tighten up some of the changes you have ALREADY made. But a 30 day or 6-week challenge in a vacuum in your life, with no pre or post 6-week challenge plan, are generally not that useful for long term change.


Generally speaking, though, the whole concept of a short-term challenge is flawed. What happens after the 6-weeks are over?


Well, usually people just go back to their old habits of sluggishness and eating like crap, often because they exhausted all of their mental capacity during those six weeks, or because they didn’t see the IMMEDIATE results they were hoping for, so they wonder what it was all for anyway…


Here’s a TWO-STEP challenge to you:


  1. Commit yourself to a training program and a healthy way of eating for ONE YEAR minimum before you assess the results.


  1. Hire a coach for both fitness and diet, and surround yourself with a support team


Here, we’ll steer you in the right direction:


Fitness: Coach for life and community

Coach for life at Southwest Strength


This is where we come in:


With us, you’ll also have a coach (not just for a year) but for life to work with you at whatever fitness level you’re currently at to improve how you move, heal injuries, and become more fit than you ever could have imagined. You’ll also be surrounded by likeminded, health conscious people who will quickly become both your supporters and friends, making your new, healthier way of living much easier to stick with.

We can also provide health, nutrition and lifestyle guidance to help you create change and steer you in the right direction towards your goals!


Contact us now for more information.


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