Southwest Active – Thursday – Oct. 18

Thursday – Upper EMOM [Skill – low fatigue, practice] + Short Tester
A. ‘Testing’
1) Strict Pronated Pullup Attempts (for people ready) – then or people start here -2) Pronated Chinover Bar Hold (for people ready)
3) Pronated Negative Pullup – AS SLOW as possible
4) Pronated Hang From Pullup Bar (NOT for people that can hang for over 60 seconds previous)
B. Handstand Hold Against Wall – AMSAP x 1 set – hands shoulder width apart
– FLR on Hands AMSAP x 1 set
C. For Time 21,18,15,12,9,6,3 – teams of 2
Toes to Bar
Hang Power Snatch @ 55/75lbs
AirBike Cals
Wall Balls @ 15/20lbs to 9/10ft

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