Southwest Active – Monday – May. 7


On Friday and Saturday May. 11 and 12th – we have a videographer coming into do some shooting for a video for SWS. Sara and I are making some videos of us as coaches, as well as putting together client testimonials from you guys!! I have personally emailed a bunch of you, but I am encouraging AS MUCH Participation in our classes and individual design clients as possible Friday! – If you are coming Saturday thats great too, that will be more of a wrap up, etc.

The interview process is SUPER laid back and honestly you just have to be yourself and say anything that comes to mind. Everything will eventually be edited. The company we are using has a Drone so I have included a partner workout for active with some sled pushes and tire flips!

This brings me to my next point. Sara and I just want to thank each and everyone of you guys for being so great to us and our community at SWS! We are continuing to do what we love – helping people achieve their goals and we feel so damn grateful to be able to coach ALL OF YOU. Making a video like this just showcases how awesome SWS and everyone involved is! So thank you guys for being you!!!



Wk 4 – May. 7
Monday – Bsq Int/Varied + DODL/Speed + RDL ECC + Skills/Gym
A. Back Squat @ 33×1, work to a challenging set of 3
B. Double Overhand No Hook Grip Deadlift @ 11×1, 2 reps @ 72% every 45 sec x 10 sets – focus is speed off the floor
C. Barbell Romanian Deadlift, EMOM x 6 minutes:
3 min – 4 RDL @ 40×1
3 min – 2 RDL @ 40×1
D. 3 sets:
400m Run @ EZ
1-2 min of Skill/Gym Practice


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