Member Spotlight/Testimonial – Kim Radcliffe


1. I started at Southwest Strength in their spring bootcamp May 1, 2017. I keep coming back for a million little reasons, of course the physical activity and the progress you see over time. Small goals, then bigger ones. There is also a great social atmosphere in the gym, everyone is working hard and having a blast doing it.

2. My favorite part of Southwest Strength is definitely the people. You feel like you are a part of everyone’s success and they are apart of yours. Everyone wants to see you succeed.

3. I have tried a lot of “at home” fitness programs and they were great to keep me moving in the comfort of my home. What sets Southwest Strength apart is that they take me out of that comfort zone, and that is just what I needed for my fitness journey. I could never push myself to my physical limit, but that is where I find success. The longer I come to Southwest Strength the more I am familiar with my limit and I push forward.

4. My favorite movement is toes to ring. This is a movement that I couldn’t always do but I can now. I also like FLR’s, and I am currently working on pullups so I should learn to like those too.

5. If someone was thinking of joining Southwest Strength I would say to go for it. You can’t go wrong trying it out. You may not like it, but maybe you will love it.

6. Some words of advice that I would give someone just starting at Southwest Strength is to just keep showing up. Sign up for the classes and come. Before you know it you are doing things that seemed impossible to you before.


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