Wednesday – April. 11

AirBike Test Day!

Wednesday – Cyclical Work
15 min @ EZ
1 min Step-Ups
1 min Rowing
1 min AirBike
10 min AirBIke for MAX Cals
-this is a test
-full effort, top score I have ever seen for Females is 155 calories in 10 minutes. I believe Danielle Davies is just under 150 calories. If you have good capacity and strength, this will be uncomfortable 2-3 minutes in, mentally hang on.

-Not only is it a test of aerobic power/capacity, but also mental toughness – have a goal of a challenging pace, hang on, hold yourself accountable – then with that 1-2 minutes remaining see if you can empty the tank and get your best score possible.

If needed/wanted/optional:
EMOM x 10 minutes:
1st – 20-30 sec Hollow Rocks
2nd – 30 sec Stir the Pot on Swiss Ball

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