Member Spotlight – Sharon Slack

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Super excited to highlight one of our longtime clients and hard core “oldies but goodies” class goer – Sharon Slack. She started coming in 2016 and has been such a pleasure to work with.  She has improved in a lot of areas of her strength, mobility and movements since starting. One thing that sticks out is her ability to perform full range of motion squats and her core strength – holding a front bridge for over 1 minute long quite easily.
1. You’ve been coming to Southwest Strength for almost 2 years now! What makes you keep coming back?
– My first few sessions were a challenge! I`d think ( ouch ) am I going to hurt like this every time I go!!! Actually just the opposite,each visit got better! I really look forward to the work outs, every class is a challenge and one I want to conquer.I guess all I can say is I like working out, especially with you as a coach and the other girls with their support and encouragement. Lots of fun!
2. Do you have a favourite movement or exercise? And do you have a least favourite?
 – My favorite exercise would be bar squats. least favorite,ring flr`s
3. What would you say to someone who was asking you about Southwest Strength and thinking about starting?
 – Someone asking about Southwest Strength,I would tell them it is a good experience and they should give it a try! The coaches are awesome, working with you and encouraging you to keep challenging yourself.
4. What’s your favourite “junk food”? (I already know this one, but it’s for everyone else haha)
 – My favorite junk food is cheezies ( must be Hawkins`) lol.
5. What’s something you’ve noticed that Southwest Strength has helped you with outside of the gym in your everyday life?
 – Since joining I have noticed better mobility, balance and a lot more energy! A totally different life style….thanks to you Sara!

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