Member Spotlight – Lisa Beernaert




1) How did you find out about Southwest Strength and do you re-call the days when you first started?? 

I first heard about Southwest Strength the end of November in 2016 from my sister who knew some girls that were travelling to Melita to work out there. One of the girls sent me a text about going with them and trying out a free class to see what I thought of it.  I had been working out to a DVD at home, the same 30 minute program for a couple years so I thought I was in great shape and would be set for my first Southwest Strength class! Boy was I wrong! The first class involved box jumps, which I was unable to do, weights and a burpee challenge. I loved it! However, my muscles thought otherwise…my body was so sore I could barely move. We were signed up for the next day but much to my joy a huge blizzard struck and I was unable to attend the rest of the week. The next Monday though, muscle soreness gone, I was raring to go and excited for the next workout at Southwest Strength. Since December 1, 2016 I have made it my goal to attend 4 classes a week and I absolutely love every minute spent there! (well, maybe not box jump days haha)  I realize now that some muscle soreness comes with working out but once you’ve stretched and warmed up for another workout, you don’t feel it at all.  I absolutely love my coach Sara’s motivation and knowledge, Nathan’s workouts and everyone I work out with that make the atmosphere so inviting and fun. They all inspire me to push myself week after week and the results are amazing in all of us. And there is also nothing like the feeling of euphoria that washes over you after a hard, demanding workout is over!

2) Where do you live and what do you do for fun outside of your exercise routine!?!?

I live on a farm just outside of Deloraine. For fun outside of the gym I play volleyball 2 nights a week, attend yoga on Wednesday nights and have badminton Thursday nights . I also play ball in the summer and ski in the winter months. The past couple of years I also played on a ladies hockey team. As you can tell, I absolutely love being active and I feel since I joined the Southwest Strength gym I am so strong and fit that there isn’t anything I can’t do and the possibilities are endless. On the other end of the spectrum, I also have a great group of girlfriends whom I get together with and party like its 1999. Sara knows every time this happens as I sign up for the noon class on Monday and not my usual 7:15 a.m. 😊

3) What is your favourite food? Or “guilty” treat???

My favourite food that I am addicted to is the Eat Smart Sweet Kale salad kit. I eat one pretty much every day, switching up the protein and veggies I add to it and for some reason I never seem to get sick of it. My “guilty” treat would have to be chocolate, in any form.

4) What are some of your greatest accomplishments since you have started your fitness journey??

There have been so many personal goals I have accomplished since starting my fitness journey at Southwest Strength. On the goals board in 2016 my 3 goals were: to do a handstand, pushup and box jumps.  I accomplished all of those since I started and the progression of my weight lifting is amazing and so gratifying. Since putting in the effort month after month at Southwest I have seen my strength continuously increase, and there is nothing more satisfying than beating your PR time after time. My greatest accomplishment in regards to my health before this was losing 100+ lbs in 2013. I was extremely overweight, depressed and horribly out of shape. I had been overweight for years and wanted desperately to turn my life around so I changed my diet, cut out the sugar and unhealthy foods and once I’d lost the first 50 lbs I was able to start exercising and have never looked back since! I am literally stronger, fitter and healthier at this point in my life then during any of my 20’s or 30’s.

5) What is your favourite movement/exercise or type of training day?

My absolute favourite movement is the jerk press! I also love the back squat as a close second favourite.  My favourite workouts start with the weight lifting and end with an EMOM, (every minute on the minute) with at least five or 10 different movements. The air bike and rowing are a favourite cardio training day when they are involved as well.

6) Tell us something we don’t know about you?? Some special skills or tricks, stories, or experiences you have had????

Hmmm, this is hard as I’m pretty much an open book! I will say I’m heavily involved in our farm, I drive a combine, semi, haul anhydrous, do the farm books and when we had cows I did it all, AI, tag, castrate, haul them and I knew how to work a puller and chains to assist any cow calving even turning upside down calves upright and pulling them out myself!

7) Since becoming stronger, fitter the past 2 years what has changed in your life???

Everything has changed for the better. Every part of my body has become toned and tight and my cardio endurance has increased by a huge amount. I have zero health issues and feel energized and happy almost every day.

8) What is your next fitness goal that you are working towards????

I have many goals yet to accomplish including climb that darn rope, 13 burpees on the 13th round and improve my running form this summer. And of course I have my lifting PR’s that I will always try and beat!

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