Happy New Year 2018!! Re-Cap of 2017

Karen Beauchamp Transformation

Dani Wood Transformation

Carolyn Transformation


Happy new year to everyone!

I figured it was best if I sat down and re-capped the awesome year its been @ Southwest Strength.

This has been an amazing year for our business. We have really settled into a good groove, made some amazing relationships, memories and most of all helped people with their health and fitness. A few of our goals with our business is to ensure people are FEELING GOOD, moving well and are motivated by the community here at Southwest Strength. I’d say we have done a pretty good job at this!

Few highlights from 2017 this year! We started our January 2017 in Montreal Quebec with our Weightlifting Team – Jack, Carter and Rienna. This feels like so long ago already, but as we are heading into our second year @ nationals in Halifax its nice to think of the experience that was. Jack and Rienna are hungry to push for another good competition this year.


Alot of our clients competing in crossfit, competed in Frostfit the same weekend. Sara/Bree, Ally/Danielle, Syd/Krista. Sara and Bree made the podium, which was an awesome finish for them. I personally love when our athletes compete outside of our gym, its awesome to see them thrive in an environment that is stressful and a bit intimidating.


End of February to End of March we had Danielle, Brandi, Amber, Krista, Syd, Sara, Myself, Andrew the “athlete” Chartrand all compete in the crossfit open. This was an INTENSE 5 weeks of competing every week. They all did an unreal job. I know I am super excited this year as the open is just so much fun with everyone pushing each other.

Brandi Carr

In April/May we were nominated for small business of the year. We had over 30 people attend the gala in support of us! We can’t thank you guys enough! Lets win that award this year.

Heading into the summer we hosted our first ever Kick Off to Summer In House Competition. Off the top of my head we had – Carolyn/Melanie, Amber/Marcie (milf $ – cant forget that one), Brandi/Court, Alex/Skyla, Jack/Kyle, Andrew/Cory, Rienna/Caitlyn, Lisa/Lisa, Britney/Kristen, Syd/Cheyenne, Mandy/Danielle, Nicho/Chris, Carter/Dillon. I may have forgot somebody, but this was an awesome event and we ARE 100% FORSURE DOING IT AGAIN. We raised over $500 that we donated to the town.  I am already planning this years events 😉


July of 2017 we had over 10 athletes compete at the barbell classic!! This is a fun event of weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman! Cory, Andrew, Zack, Nicho, Jack, Bree, Ally, Syd, Rienna all competed.



The summer was a busy one as we gained alot of new members that are still apart of our family today!

The fall has been a busy one as well. So many people are getting so strong and fit, its crazy! From people with their first strict pull-ups, to learning new weightlifting movements, its been an awesome fall.

Some big time transformations this year!

Monica Lesy – she has lost over 30lbs, shows up 3x/week and is loving the change in her lifestyle. We are super proud of the progress she has made. To think she was intimated about starting!


Meghan Elliot – has lost over 25lbs, she started the same time as Monica I believe! Awesome job Meghan!

Nicole Elliot – started in the summer and has lost over 20lbs. Awesome job Nicole.

Diane “lean body” Wood Worth  – she has never had a goal of losing weight, but has really built some lean muscle! If you haven’t checked out her arms yet, you will see what I am talking about!

Diane Sled Pull.JPG

Our Oldies but Goodies class has went strong all year. Alot of ladies have been making some sneaky progress on us! I say this because we never see them! They are our consistent 9 oclock crew!! Sara has such a blast with them!



I am sure there are A LOT of more transformations that I haven’t mentioned. Its amazing to see people show up, put in the work, listen to their coaches and see results. This kinda of progress is exactly the kind we talk about. There really is no magic pill, just simple consistent hard work!



Heading into 2018 we want to keep making SWS a home away from home for everyone. We really do feel that our gym is much more than just a “gym”. Its a lifestyle, a place you can come and leave all your stresses behind, a place you can get really fit and healthy, move well and know that your coaches are constantly trying to push you!

Andrew PC Battery Tester.JPG

Boot Camp.jpg


We really hope 2018 is the best year for everyone!!!


New Years 2018 Workout

For Time:
30 Box Jump Overs @ 20/24” – step down
30 Wall Balls @ 15/20lbs/to 9/10ft
30 Shouder to OH @ 65/95lbs
Rest as needed/Prep/Set-Up
Teams of 2
20 min AMRAP
10 Cal Rowing
200ft Shuttle Run
*Parter 1 does Row/Partner 2 does Run
*Partner 2 does Row/Partner 1 does Run
*Parter 1 does Row/Partner 2 does Row

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