Southwest Active – Dec. 18

Hey Everyone!!!

Crazy to think that Christmas is around the corner next week. Sara and I are super proud of you guys and all the work you guys have been putting in. Its amazing to see the changes physically and mentally with you all! Just a heads up starting this Friday evening, Rienna will be taking over our group classes as Sara and I will be in Jamaica!!

Our Holiday hours are posted on MindBody – we hope people try and get their fitness in over the holday’s as Rienna is keen to help all you guys out!

We are on our last week of this cycle. Heading into the new year, what are somethings you would love to continue working on, or feel we need to include in our Southwest Active group program? If you have something – email me :


A1) Press : @ 11×1, 1 tough reps x 3 sets, 1 min
A2) Weighted Strict Pronated Pull-Up: 1 tough rep x 3 sets, 1 min
*scaled here – do a max chinover bar hold or max chest to ring hold
B1) CGBP: @ 20×1, 3-3-1-1, 1 min
B2) Feet Elevated Parallel Grip Ring Rows: @ 20×1, 6-10 reps x 4 sets, 1 min
C) FLR on Rings AMSAP x 1 set: or Scaled Front Bridge AMSAP x 1 set – core feed  on back
D) 1000ft Farmer Carry for time @ 24/32kg/arm: every break 5 burpees

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