Client Testimonial – Nicole Elliot

To tell you the truth I really had no training before SWS , never even crossed my mind . I would do the usual workout video or walking but after awhile that gets boring and we’ll just didn’t keep it up.
My expectations were I’ll probably never make it through one class. Now I expect to work hard and feel yes I can do this .
My definition of fitness before was someone who works out but probably doesn’t enjoy it , now it is someone who works out and has a healthy outlook about life .
My biggest accomplishment has been sticking with the program coming to class , doesn’t sound like a lot but as we know life gets in the way but I try to find a way to get my 3 days in a week .
My favourite part of SWS of course is the fact it’s like another family when you are there .
I have lost close 20 lbs since I’ve started , I know I’ve lots more to lose but that will come with time .
My favourite movement has to be deadlifts , least favourite well pull ups as can’t really do them as of yet but I will .
As for making fitness a priority I always make sure I get to class and rearrange things if I have to , the nutrition part I try my best but at times I’m lacking in that part . But when I take time I can make good decisions.
For some one on the fence about starting their journey, give it a chance , you can do more than you think you can . Everyone is supportive and cheers you on . As we’ve all had our first class .
Having a coach is important for many reasons such as showing you proper movements so you get the most out of your workouts , show you different ways to do movements ,they definitely keep you motivated . Give you ideas about different exercises to try at home if you want .
Nicole Elliott

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