Fatigue Repeatability – SW ACTIVE + BB – Sept. 19


So Why the Fatigue Repeatability Tester today – Monday – Sept. 18? If you weren’t in class today, here is what we did:

C. 2 min AMRAP
15/12 Cal Rowing
15 Burpees to 6 “ OH
AMRAP DB Thrusters @ 20/35lbs/arm in time remaining
– 2 min rest
2 min AMRAP
15/12 Cal AirBike
15 Burpees to 6 “ OH
AMRAP Wall Balls @ 20/30lbs to 9/10ft in time remaining

*shout out to everyone that completed this. Shoutout to Mandy Chartrand who got the most amount of thrusters (14) on the first AMRAP (then I think she saw Jesus and hurted real bad on the second one).

So why do I write this type of test?

Power – This is a testament of how powerful you are – AKA – how fast can you put out on the rower and bike and burpees in order to get to the thrusters and wall balls. It also forces you outside that wonderful 85-90% training zone that we consistently do. If you have been coming awhile, you know that we talk SUSTAINABILITY, consistent scores, consistent reps, etc – well that is 85-90%. Now with this test – you quickly realized that if you did the 85-90% pace you would forsure not be rewarded with thruster or wall ball reps! This type of test forced you to turn on the burners and see what your made of.

Recovery – so after you put such a high effort forward – how well did you feel on that 2 min rest? This is why we train so much aerobic volume. What we want to be able to do is have the ability to produce high amounts of power – AKA the first amrap of row, burpee – thruster. Finish that first AMRAP have the capacity and the ability to recover JUST ENOUGH to be able to match that effort ONE MORE TIME!

Now what you will notice with someone that is highly aerobic, moves well in these movements, and is strong enough, they probably got a good score on the thrusters and felt recovered enough to be able to match effort one more time! If you were one of those people that had to WORK so hard on that first amrap (aka – emptied the gas tank) then felt like dieing on the second amrap – that just means we have to keep working on your conditioning, breathing work, pacing, rowing, biking, etc. All that work we do in training helps you in building your aerobic base – which in this test is going to help you recover from that high effort you put forward.

Movement quality and efficiency.  This type of test is so short and fast that you don’t have any time for transition errors and movement deficiencies. Even slightly rowing in efficient in this test can cost you a high score. When you row, are your strokes long and powerful? Does the chain slap against the rower or is it in and out smooth? When your rowing are you really tense in your face and body, or do you look calm and relaxed? Are you breathing just as fast as your stroke rate? When you do your burpees, can you touch and go them? Do you do a burpee, jump your feet to your hands and touch the target? Or do you crawl them like someone just shot you 15 times with a baby gun? (Andrew?) Movement definitely matters, and in this type of test – the best movers will be rewarded.

Mental toughness baby.  When you can tell your completely “gassed”, feel like theres nothing left, your mind is telling you to slow down, what do you do? Do you listen to that voice, or do you push past? The human body is an amazing “machine”, mental toughness is definitely a skill that is learned and self taught.

People that want to push past those mental barriers, ultimately just have to tell themselves they are ok with the pain. They understand that its exactly just that, pain. Its a hard concept to wrap your head around, but if you are really determined on pushing your body to the limit on some of these things, you have to be ok with being uncomfortable. I am saying this because I know some of us truly like physically and mentally testing ourselves.

Now I also want to make it clear, the GREATER POPULATION DOES NOT want to feel this way, or have the energy to even go there, and honestly the longer I coach people they don’t have to. If your goals are to be healthy, strong and live a long life, you don’t have to push your mind past its limits. You just have to put in the work, enjoy the process and quite honestly eat really well.


Tuesday – Deadlift Int Sets + SL Int + Skill EMOM + Core/Grip
A. Deadlift @ 11×1, 6 reps every 2 min x 4 sets – start @ moderate weight for first set – +10-20lbs every set
B. Barbell Russian Step-Ups on to mod height, 6/leg x 3 sets, 30 sec b/t legs
C. 10 rounds/not for time:
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Kip Swings on Pullup Bar or Rings
D. 5 rounds not for time:
30 sec FLR on Rings
1-2 Rope Climbs to 12ft 
E. HSPU Work


Wk 6 – Sept. 19/21
Tuesday – Sn Int + Cj Int + Sn Pull
A. Squat Snatch, work to a single
B. Paused Power Snatch, 1 rep every 30 sec x 15 reps @ 70-75% of A
C. Squat Clean. Front Squat. Split Jerk 1.1.1 – work to a challenging set
D. Clean Pulls, 3 reps @ 100% x 3 sets, 2 min


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