Southwest Active – Mon. Aug. 28

Wk 6 – Aug. 28
Monday – Bsq Int Sets + Upper Int + Core/Skill
A. Back Squat, work to a tough set of 1 – ensure spotters and people are doing this safely, for people learning the movement, ensure good technique and lots of reptitions, not one rep
B. Top of Ring Dip Hold for as long as possible  x 1 set or Front Bridge AMSAP x 1 set – this is a test
C. Pronated Hang From Pull-Up Bar for as long as possible x 1 set – hands shoulder width a part *this is a test
D. AMRAP in 3 minutes: *this is a test
150 Single Unders
AMRAP DUs in time remaining

E. EMOM x 10 minutes:
1st – 30 sec Core Work – FLR on Rings, Stir the Pot, HS Hold, Double KB Front Rack Holds
2nd – 30 sec Skill Practice

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